Thursday, 27 October 2011

Friday Fun

Have you read this book? Well it's brilliant. And I'm hoping the film will be too.....

If you go see it let me know!

Abiento x

Journal Day 31

Missed a few days writing purely for the fact that I didn't feel I had anything to say! Yesterday we had more life drawing, which I yet again enjoyed, and surprised myself with my enjoyment of the day and of drawing.

(Photos to come soon)

Then today we had an small exhibition of our work in the 2D section to show what we have done so far. I don't have a picture at the moment, but I chose 3 of my projects that I wanted to continue with or that I felt were interesting to develop or linked to a speciality.

I chose photography, because I was pleased with the images and feel that photography is something I am comfortable with. I also chose the Kit project as I feel that as a project it can be developed, and also that it linked to a newly found interest. Creating the kit project linked me to sculpture and architecture and interactive, installation designs.

Plus I chose life drawing for all the above reasons :).

From wondering around everyone else's work, I am required to find and tell another person what I like about both their work and drawing book. Just to note it down here, There were two pieces that really stood out to me. Harriet Bruces's life drawing and journal drawings were particularly strong. She works with basic line drawings in pen, using hashing for shadows and tonal shading. Her accuracy and realism makes them outstanding, particularly if you have seen, in person, what she is drawing, for its incredible likeness.  Her accuracy and smooth line with the pen help to create a flowing drawing that blends well with the realistic style.

Cassie Allen also had a great drawing book, with great note taking and idea development, but little research. Not many of us have managed to combine it all. I think I certainly need to improve on my research, not just doing it, but on putting it into and including it in my work and journal.

I don't know the name of the other student's work, but there was a painting, that I showed here the other day, that I thought was stunning. I thought that the huge range of colours really complimented each other and gave a whole new feel to the surroundings of the person. That, combined with the dripping and layer of the paint, takes the subject out of any context or reality, and into a new world or background. This creates a space for the viewers imagination to fill in the gaps. Something I think is simple but very effective, and is something I often like in artwork. The application of the paint, with layers, thick textures and dripping is also something very attractive. It adds yet another dimension to the piece and makes the background feel as though it is melting, adding to the possibility of the subject being anywhere. Personally, with the cold, blue colours, I feel like it is an winter setting. For the exhibition the student was asked to create a larger, similar piece, seen below. You can see the photo she is working from; the plain, boring photo from which she has taken the main features and elaborated upon. She has taken something plain boring and simple and made it interesting and beautiful; something I love the idea of. This was a great response in terms of the language of the paint, and is obviously something that she has done before. Most of us paint novices's stood out, we experimented with the paint and our paint brushes and didn't really create anything with a composition or subject; we just painted. This is many ways is a contradiction to the "language" of paint, as there is nothing be said and nothing being expressed with the basic explorative paint actions.

Now, from my own work I feel that I maybe need to do more drawing in my drawing book, I am certainly trying now that I am in 2D, but so far I have felt uninspired and that there wasn't much drawing to be done in 3D. 2D has really surprised me, as it has inspired me. I think that I wasn't expecting to enjoy anything and now that I am learning new skills and techniques I am enjoying, I am being inspired by them. Print today in particular. (more on that to come tomorrow perhaps?) But, now that I am interested and inspired I need to focus and get stuff down in my drawing book. I need to write and brainstorm and draw.

I want to develop the life drawing processes, and perhaps move it further into illustration. I will be taking part in the illustration workshop option next week to explore this. I have found that my rough, sketchy style of drawing, that comes from drawing textures and patterns in textiles can be applied into life drawing as it doesn't need to be perfect. But that I can also draw reasonably accurately, especially when using a measured technique. As I have said before I honestly never thought this would be the case. In life drawing also, there is chance to focus on the smaller details; the folds, creases and textures of the body. Where does it curve in or out? How can I draw the creases in his or her armpit or knee? So far my main struggle with this has been transferring that interest in detail into the face of the figure. Next week is the last week of instructed life drawing and so I will take advantage of that and gain some tuition in how to draw facial features. to match my style. I tried this week, as the face was upside down to me and mostly concealed and did just fine, but am not sure how it will go when I am faced with having to draw the face properly. Likewise the feet and hands are something I have been avoiding but must learn.

Otherwise I think it is important for me to continue using worksheets as a way of developing ideas. I like working small scale in a drawing book to develop smaller ideas, but found through the kit project that worksheets are an effective way of pulling together these ideas to form the bigger picture of an idea. Combined with mind maps, sketches and research I can take the ideas into the further stages of development. This worked well for me with kit, although I still prefer my drawing book for smaller, detailed sketches.

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My Week in Photos (365 Project)








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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Journal Day 28

Photography workshop today, covering the basics of working with the camera in manual. Something I already know how to do. In all honestly I missed most of the day and tuned in every now and then to help others when they were stuck. However what I really enjoyed was when Katie (PGCE student who I work with at Gylly) showed us various photographers and their images that related to our theme of 'Hidden'. We analysed the photos and guess what- it was my favourite part! haha.

Working with the afore mentioned theme of 'Hidden' we worked in small groups with a white and then a black backdrop to create images for the project.

So far these are my favourite from the day, which need to be narrowed down to 7, with two of those being final images in colour, at an A3 size. 

Any thoughts? I think I need to think about why it is that I like photography, and yet don't want to be a photographer. I find it comfortable as I know the basics.

Abiento x

Journal Day 27

Writing all in one to catch up! Turns out it's harder to write it up here on the day and have it published that day. So less of the catching up, and more of the writing :).

Day 27. Paint workshop. Nervous, as usual about a workshop involving some form of fine art or a medium  which I have not worked with before. Paint is one of these. Paint is one of those things that you get given for christmas presents multiple times throughout your life the minute you express an interest in art. Family members hear that you are interested in or doing well in art and boom! Three types of paint in your stocking :).

So. We talked about the language of paint. The style of paint used. Has the artist used a rough brush, or a fine brush. How are the strokes applied? Are they soft and fluid or energetic and harsh? Has he or she used dabbing or blotting, or have they stroked the paint on. How are they conveying the subject? And what do you like about these styles? Or what don't you like?

I found it really interesting; I loved the analytical style that is similar to the style of art history discussion that I so enjoy. Hearing everyone else's opinions and descriptions was also hugely interesting, especially at the end of the day when we presented everyone's work to each other to discuss. So great to get the opinion of others.

I found that when I started painting to explore these languages of paint, that what I found most interesting was less about what I was painting than the textures, patterns and colours that I could create. Tutors so far have linked this to my interest in textiles; the colours textures and patterns created there. However I was then asked to think about what it is about the physical use of fabric in textiles that I prefer to the 2D style of paint. Even when working with the same themes.

With the paint I could physically apply layers of paint over and over time, creating new areas of interest. Thick layers of lumps, bumps and waves. Transitioning tones of pinks through to blues with the rich purples in between. It is that that I love. Colours and textures excite me.

I believe that if I spent more time with paint that I could come to like it and be good at it. I believe, as usual, that it is my lack of instruction in the medium that has led me to believe that I am no good at it. Perhaps now is the time to experiment and play with it.

I would love to be able to create something like this;

Another student from the workshop before me created this.

and while I experimented with the language of paint, I created this;

Note the tones of the colours and the textures in particular. Plus the scoring to hint at a shape within the painting.

Abiento x

Monday, 24 October 2011


Something that has been in my thoughts lately has been Canada. And certain things that I miss about Canada. So in tribute to the list of happiness last week, I thought I would write down a list of things that I miss about Canada :).

1. My mum and family
2. Being in a city
3. Being in a city where I don't mind taking public transport
4. Only being an hour away from a ski run
5. Being different and unique because I was the "British Chick"
6. My friends
7. Better make up
8. Art History Lectures. And big lecture halls for that matter
9. Shopping Malls
10. Sushi
11. The ferry
12. Sweet potato fries

And for contrast the things that make me happy to be back living in England....

1. The Mr
2. M&S (Percy Pigs are a staple to my diet)
3. Radio 1
4. Familiarity
5. Small streets
6. And education system that I understand
7. Food that doesn't make me ill
8. Not having to ascertain the difference between a chicken salad sandwich and a chicken sandwich with salad
9. Normal sized cars and normal driving when in lanes
10. Not being the odd one out because I'm the "British Chick" (Ironic huh)
11. Being with people my own age on a regular basis
12. Having my car
13. My friends

Now I know that my list of English things trumps the Canadian, but notice how many of the pluses about England are actually complaints about Canada...........

Plus please note these are not in order of preference. Just random.

Abiento x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Journal Day 26

Last Friday we visited the Tate in St Ives, plus a small gallery nearby featuring the work of Simon Averill; one of our tutors. The Tate was interesting, but not enjoyed by any of us. (Unlike their gift shop!) However we loved seeing Simon's work in person :).

However since then, over the weekend I have been thinking and working hard on the multi choice project, a self directed project to encourage us to develop our work and interests from the 2D workshops this week and last week.

I have chosen to continue with the figures from last weeks life drawing session, as this is a new interest for me. Along with that I am continuing the narrative by choosing the theme "Palimpsest". So far (writing this late on Friday) I only have rough ideas- more to come later today with an update and photos of work and ideas.

Abiento x

Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday Fun

This is ridiculous, and yet probably quite effective....

Found here, original source here
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Thursday, 20 October 2011

My Week in Photos (365 Project)


Three musketeer's with the mr :) (Bit cheesy thought. Don't bother wasting your money on it)


Work! Back to the weekend routine


Sunday morning's are now officially my days off. So I put my feet up, watched some tv, and enjoyed some window shopping!


Can you tell that I couldn't be bothered to make dinner!? Yup leftover pasta with baked beans. In a plastic tub. Ohhh yehhh.


New boots and shoes for winter! Yay warm feet!


Successful life drawing class :)


Baking day! Pineapple upside down cake :)

Abiento x

Berlin Trip 2012

As part of the course we are spending 5 days in Berlin :). From the small amount of research I have done so far I am excited! Here's what I'm most excited for :

This fabric shop

This art gallery that is in an underground bunker left from an air shelter in the war

The Third Reich Buildings that have been made into an architectural beauty

Seeing the school of the Bauhaus. Which by the way allowed me to do the education I am doing now

Maybe visiting this concentration camp if I have both the time and the strength

The button shop, that has the same name as this (my favourite) button shop in Vancouver

Sadly going to be missing these flea markets

And also (not so sadly) will be missing the worlds first and only erotic museum (How strange). Thank you Germany.

Have you ever been? I honestly never thought I would want to go to Germany. Even with my strong interest in the world wars. I thought about going to France. Never Germany. I have no idea why. I don't think it's because of any poor stereotype or bad misjudgement from the war. I just never thought of it. And yet now I'm going, I'm pleased. I'm excited to see what Germany has to offer. Architectural delights; a whole Island full of galleries and museums and lots and lots and lots and lots of leftover war memorials.

Abiento x

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Journal Day 25


This afternoon we had life drawing and I just thought I would share my results and the fact that I'm very pleased with the results considering I never thought I would ever be able to draw a person! Ever in my whole life!

So here we go:

We focused on measured drawing today, spending varied amounts of time on each figure depending on the size and our focus. Measured drawing essentially involves using a unit to compare everything to in order to get the sizing and proportions right. If you've ever seen an artist hold his pencil or thumb at arms length and squint at it, he his probably using a measured technique.

Plus today has kinda inspired me to use life drawing, or something along the lines of, for the multi choice project! More on that to come :)

Abiento x

Thoughts on Happiness

Inspired by Naomi from the Rockstar Diaries, here is my list of things (I went slightly over 10!) that are making me happy this week. Thanks again Naomi!

1. Dairy Free Vanilla Desserts
2. 4 for 5 on cute knickers
3. Un-expected hands on my waist and kisses on my neck
4. Cuddles in bed while watching tv in our big new room
5. Baking Banana bread
6. Making plans for my upcoming birthday
7. Getting exciting about going to Canada in 8 weeks!
8. Spending my Sunday in bed watching Grey's Anatomy
9. Using up all my cool points on my over excitement and anticipation for the weekly episode of The Vampire Diaries
10. Working at the Cafe, especially on a Sunday night with live music and delicious burgers
11. Bright Cobalt blue jeans
12. My new winter boots, paid for with my tax refund :)

Abiento x

Yes Please!

Finally in digital!

Purchase yours here :)

Abiento x

Journal Day 25

Analysing work seems so obvious, and yet is so hard. I struggle to say the words. I feel they are there. Already said. I can see the work and think it. The thoughts seem too blatant. Too blatant to write down and express to someone. But today I have done extra work, to make up for the work that I don't feel is good enough. I did it quickly, and perhaps not well enough. But I did it to add to the collection, to the overall bigger picture.

My messages project worksheets were lacking. I did a second one, as the project had started strangely with me doing it whilst in Lisbon. The second sheet resembled G.C.S.E work. The ideas were small and basic. They were secondary. That's the way I work. I come up with the thoughts and ideas and then am forced to put them onto paper to show that I had them. We are encouraged to draw to get the ideas, but I normally can't quite do it that way. It doesn't work like that for me. I had tried to do more and to get the ideas onto the page, but I had missed any drawings of what my final piece would be. And so I tried to do that. To use the words that I know work so well for me, and put them with the basic sketches. I also tried to sketch in a way that works for me. One that I am developing. It is the basic quick movements I know and love. They are not beautifully artistic, but I am developing it by using continuous line and fluid movements. Adding small shapes as I go. Essentially freeing the style and my arm up whilst I draw. It's surprising how physical drawing is, and how physical I need to let it be.

The original Gestalt drawing from the first week inspired me; and many a time over the past few weeks I have thought about using the technique in other work. And so I am going to do another one. I have it pinned against my window at the moment. Taped up, allowing the light through. Giving me a big space to work on and draw. Get physical with. It's smaller than the original but I wanted to do it again.

And lastly I looked the work from this project and added more. Developed slightly. Still not 100% as the lecturers may like, but I added more. I improved, and I believe I have done enough and worked enough. I believe I am working as hard as I can really. I am researching and going to galleries. I am reading and drawing. I am trying to concentrate on the projects that play to my strengths and to finish the ones that don't. I am doing enough. I am satisfied.

Abiento x

P.S Plus on a side note to my previous post p.s, do you think it would be possible to do a degree in many countries or many universities? I don't want to start a degree and be tied down to a 3 or 4 year commitment in one town. One town that I don't know with people I don't know while my friends will be moving on. Do you think therefore I could just start anywhere and move on when I finish? Complete somewhere else- anywhere else? That would be cool.

Journal Day 24

I believe I am still writing a day behind at the moment, but I don't think that should matter too much. I don't expect many of you are reading this anyway. In fact if you are, brownie points to you :) you have good karma today. Go eat some cake or something :)! And if not, let me know yeh? Cause then what I might do is switch these posts onto another page so that they don't get confused and muddled up and also so they don't bore you all to death. Sound good or no?

Yesterday I worked on the multiple choice project; a self directed project for the 2D section. We are given a list of themes and formats to explore before we then choose a theme and two formats to work with it. All I have done so far is some basic research into the themes and mind maps. Lots of mind maps. I seem to find lately that one of my best ways of working isn't through drawing out my many options and ideas (I find that too tedious and long- I don't have that much time or patience- or skill) but through drawing a basic idea and writing my ideas around it in a spider diagram. Quick thoughts, the first thoughts and points that pop into my head. From there I tend to be able to verbalise and come up with further ideas and thoughts. Link that can carry the work forward. And so this is where I am beginning with this project.

I think it's interesting to see this, especially on reflection of the narrative workshop at the beginning of the week, and the fact the writing through a blog has been my preferred choice of expression lately, that actually the written word, and word alone is something that I choose to work with over many of the 'artistic' options. Plus, in that sense, when it comes to analysing my work (in writing) I am referring to my analyses of literature and writing done in school, as opposed to any analysis techniques taught in art or design classes. Perhaps this is because, in actuality, I have never been taught how to analyse my artistic work. We have just made.

Anyway. The options for this project are many and varied, and have produced different resulting ideas of interest; including, appropriately, one based on literature. A comparison of the English used in America and Britain. Or I could choose the theme that allows me to leave traces of work behind my work. Ghosts of work and traces of history. Similar to many of Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches from the 1400's when paper was rare and special. You didn't simply throw away paper back then, it was precious. A special commodity. Much like the value we now place on his work.

So, it turns out I'm interested in more than I thought. And have skills in more than I thought. How unexpected.

Abeinto x

P.S On a side note, all the lecturers are continually asking us what we want to do, who we are as an artist. Constantly forcing us to think about what we want to specialise in next year (as most students are young and will be moving forward to do a degree). It is all everyone seems to think about. UCAS applications have already been submitted for Cambridge and Oxford, students are thinking forward to next year. But I (think) that I have made the executive decision to not go to Uni. If I want any further education I'm gonna do some extra courses; part time perhaps. I will work; gain more experience. But I am not going to do a degree. I'm not saying never. Just not now, not next year.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Need a new read?

If you're looking for a new read, and have even the remotest interest in music, then the tumblr of 15 year old Hugh O'Boyle is one to bookmark.

How do I know he is only 15 years old? He is certainly yet to proclaim his age online, other than on facebook. But Hugh O'Boyle is my step-brother. And it turns out, he is damn good at this writing lark.

Putting any explanation of my many half and step siblings to one side, focus on the music. Ever heard of James Blake? His sounds have certainly entranced me on many an occasion. Well, read this short piece on his work that Hugh recently posted. It was the write up (posted on facebook by our sister Megan) that caught my eye first, and took me to his tumblr.

Enjoy, get lost, and don't forget to come back to me ;).

"Words: Hugh O’Boyle
Here, in what is now effectively the beginning of the end to no less than a great year of music, it feels only decent to gratify James Blake’s transcendent efforts. He has well and truly established the new of 2011, leaving an undeniable perpetual stain in the ‘How To Make Computer Music’ textbooks to come.
Blake has released a collection of EP’s over the past two years, all of which utilized the short, digestible format that introduced his meticulous signature sound. Minimalistic post-dubstep with an ear for tautest bass, the rich sensuality of ‘CMYK’ and the gut-piercing fragment vocal loop to ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ both showed adept arrangement of digital programming and ethereal affects, allowing him a whimsy base for his drive for prominence. James Blake, an unexpected – and totally gorgeous – album, even through it’s choppy mechanical spells, felt oddly personal, so the nomination for Mercury Prize came at no surprise. However, as a project, Enough Thunder offers yet another reason to be grateful for Blake’s dedication to contemporary music.
The short six-track sees James Blake tweak down the effects board and bass lines to unveil a dusty pine-wooden box full of more stagnant, gentle ideas lurking within his mind, and - unlike in previous releases - Blake’s customary beats support rather than define each song, allowing more instrumental sounds to take over. There is surely nothing accidental in ‘Once We All Agree’ standing as album opener; a corridor of vast, lonesome, crackly piano chords and trembling ballads, whilst perpetual to unnerving echoes and aerial reverb. Though, the song doesn’t carry much sense of direction and soon becomes erratic in its own right, eschewing away from Blake’s familiar habit to effectively rise-drop an impending luscious bass line.
The same stands for ‘Fall Creek Boys Choir’, a collaboration between Blake and Bon Iver. Although the song sounds exactly how you’d imagine a cohesion between the two, the extent to which the vocal layers go to is almost overwhelming, and as the sounds increment it feels slightly messy. However, it flows with ease from his debut, ebbing with teeth-grinding gambol. The driest track of the bunch is ‘A Case Of You’, a take on the original from Joni Mitchell. Unlike Blake’s ability to reinvent the song as he did his great success with Feist’s ‘Limit To Your Love’, he simply repurposes Mitchell’s guitar with a piano delivering a surprisingly unadorned, forthright and romantic effort.
It’s actually interesting to hear Blake so bear. He isn’t trying to reinvent his style rather than gander down a different road of sketchbook fantasies. All songs, especially title and penultimate track ‘Enough Thunder’, proves his ambition to elicit a more singer-songwriter style, with more of his own wavering vocals and deep heartfelt piano, and in all traumatism, closes without even a sniff of bass. It does seem as though the album could be a quiet moment of introspection for Blake, as well perhaps as a show of protest that fits in snugly with his recent flare-up over American producers’ finding the mainstream in dubstep and using it as“a pissing contest to see who can make the dirtiest, filthiest bass sound.”
Enough Thunder is not Blake’s most dynamic, genre defying aplomb, but neither is it a promise of what is to come. Rather, it is a snapshot of Blake’s creativity in six songs; just another of his genre fascinations. If you love it, you love it. If you find it tedious, it doesn’t really matter, because the post-dubstep anchor isn’t lowered just yet. While his debut gave the wonder-kid a sound to truly call his own, Enough Thunder proves him a wonderfully unpredictable and tightly wound conductor of ideas. 
To listen to ‘Fall Creek Boys Choir’, click here: 

Abiento x

Journal Day 23

Narrative Workshop yesterday (writing a day behind). Despite having started the day with no expectations at all, I was pleasantly surprised with my enjoyment for the day and for the methods taught to us. Basic games and inspiration tools taught to us included those childhood games you play where you create a person or a sentence by passing a piece of paper around a group. Each person adds their part and then folds over the paper before passing it on. The next person then adds to the sentence or figure with no idea of what has already been done. This creates a hugely random and actually quite insightful product of the group's psyche. It is also a brilliant way to create a basis for a narrative or some other kind of inspiration.

We then continued to work in a group, with a random selection of objects and photos, which we used to collaboratively create a narrative.

The point of the workshop was to show us that these child like games can be an easy and successful way to create a starting point or some provide some form of inspiration when you seem to be lacking it. And I found that it really does work. Especially when in a group. Everyone became animated, enthusiastic and produced wonderful stories together.

What I found most insightful was to find in myself the enjoyment in the instant production of ideas. The use of a narrative as a way of thinking and seeing, and the way that as humans we can look at almost anything and create a story from it. We have created for ourselves a thousand stereotypes that we can match to almost everything and from it we can then look at any object and form an idea of a character from it with these stereotypes. A red Chinese dragon ornament could have been lost by a small girl on holiday with her parents. And a pair of big, tacky, plastic glasses could have been left somewhere by an old granny who fell on the street; creating worry and concern from passers-by. Instantly there are stories there, and I have surprised myself by not only being able to write here, and enjoy it, but also to the discover that I can link that and use it in my art work. The years and years I spent reading may be coming back to help me :).

 Some days our workshops are boring and I feel as though I learn nothing, however on days like these I find a new way of learning and creating that I can use daily if needed. But now, whenever I am stuck in the future, I know that I can now turn to these simple tools for inspiration. In fact I may do so later on today :).

Abiento x

Monday, 17 October 2011

Here's to Happiness

Here's to Happiness is a wonderful series created by Naomi Davis of the Rockstar Diaries. Mentioned here previously, you might already know that I have a not so secret love for the cuteness of her family. But I also have a deep appreciation for the regular lists of things to be happy about; a nice little perk in the day, and something to aspire to think about.

Here is an example from over the weekend from her friend Katie;

10 things that make katie terribly happy:

  1. my adorable new apartment in berlin... especially my tiny kitchen (lots and lots of cooking and baking!)
  2. the love of a wonderful man
  3. writing and receiving letters
  4. learning and speaking german every day
  5. the bright orange pumpkin sitting on my desk
  6. fall colours, smells, clothes.
  7. the cobblestones that line my little street
  8. finding love letters among the vintage postcards at the flea market
  9. chatting with my family and friends as if there's not an ocean between us
  10. enjoying a nice cup of tea with my boyfriend on our sunny balcony

Even if it's not published or shared, I think that writing a similar list is a great thing to do- just to remind yourself that life is full of little joys :).

Thanks for the joy Naomi!

Abiento x

A bit more inspiration

So in my life at the moment, my biggest annoyance is my finger. I pulled out a hang-nail, and now it is infected, swollen and HURTS. Man does it hurt.

However one of my greatest pleasures this weekend was to re-read parts of this lovely cookbook by Sophie Dahl.

One our projects for this week involved finding a passage from one of our favourite books. As my collection of books has been in storage for a couple of years, I have a very limited supply of books that have been bought or given as gifts in that time. One of these is a much lusted after recipe book, full of Sophie's memoirs of her relationship with food.

I can honestly say that it touches me. I received it at Christmas last year, and spent the whole day lying in bed reading it. It was perfect, heart warming and inspires me to eat better, cook better and live better.

Have you read it? Or found a recipe book just as inspiring? Now on my wish list is her follow-up book... :)

Abiento x

Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday Fun

Thanks to Jonathan Canlas for sharing this on his birthday. And I have to agree with him. It kinda resonates.

Abiento x

Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Week in Photos (365 Project)


So you see this front cover of last months issue of Glamour magazine? And now you see this advert page from last months Glamour magazine?

Well image number 5 is mine!! Yup that's right!! My image, in Glamour magazine! :) eek! (And before you get all sceptical, yes yes I know it's small. and in the back.)







Abiento x