Monday, 17 October 2011

A bit more inspiration

So in my life at the moment, my biggest annoyance is my finger. I pulled out a hang-nail, and now it is infected, swollen and HURTS. Man does it hurt.

However one of my greatest pleasures this weekend was to re-read parts of this lovely cookbook by Sophie Dahl.

One our projects for this week involved finding a passage from one of our favourite books. As my collection of books has been in storage for a couple of years, I have a very limited supply of books that have been bought or given as gifts in that time. One of these is a much lusted after recipe book, full of Sophie's memoirs of her relationship with food.

I can honestly say that it touches me. I received it at Christmas last year, and spent the whole day lying in bed reading it. It was perfect, heart warming and inspires me to eat better, cook better and live better.

Have you read it? Or found a recipe book just as inspiring? Now on my wish list is her follow-up book... :)

Abiento x

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