Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Would you like to see!?

Would you like to see  little smidgen of my world at the moment!?

This here is my space in the studio at Uni- it's pretty much just a mood board, but it's mine and I get to sit there all day working.

On the same bench as me are all the other girls in the Textiles specialisation. These girls I am excited to get to know and work alongside other the next few months :) It's really great getting to sit and chat with similar artists, and to bounce ideas off of. It's also great to be able to wander 2m across the hall and see the work of all the other specialisation's; my favourite of which are the illustrators!

London Town!

So, I am back and just recovered from our little birthday trip to London! And I didn't get time to plan a post for yesterday, so sorry if you tuned in to find nothing!

We got back on Friday night, I don't even know what I did on Saturday (I was slightly comatose from lack of sleep....) and then worked a busy busy shift on Sunday! So after a full day in the studio yesterday, I am back and running and ready to share the photos from our trip!

We wandered all along the Southbank in London, after arriving super early off our sleeper train.

We popped over t St. Pauls, crossing the Millenium bridge just for the mr's mum!

We popped into the Tate gift shop (I don't like the Tate. Just the gift shop!) and also into Winston Churchill's War Experience.

We then also quickly visited the Fashion and Textiles Museum before lunch

Then the London Dungeon, followed by a delicious dinner with a bottle of champagne!

We ended the evening with stand up at the Comedy Store!

Then Friday we mulled around a couple more museums before renting Barclays bikes to zip across Hyde Park! We made it just in time to our train home with a picnic from M&S.

All in all it was beyond perfect and I cannot thank my lovely man enough for spoiling me for my birthday!!! Thank you honey, I love you :)

P.S Check out this hilarious part of an exhibit in the Churchill war exhibit....!!

Oh Yep. That's a noose, reserved for Hitler!

Abiento x

Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Week in Photos (365 Project)


My photo in Cornwall Today! Yippeee!


Drunken night with the Lansley family :)


Birthday Dinner with these two crazy cats!


Birthday cocktails with the girls!


Catch up over coffee and hot chocolate :)


Can you see the Movember tash!?


Landan Baby!

Abiento x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Landan Town

This evening we head out to Landan town on the sleeper train for 3 days in the city with my boy :) I can't wait to see what suprises Mike has lined up for and to celebrate being 21! Be back soon with photos!

Abiento x

P.S Oh yeh, we are the coolest!

There's a few too many things...

There's a few too many things that I want at the moment......

Fun tops to keep me comfy but cute in jeans (pictured above)

Sweet jumpers to keep me toasty

Pretty watches to keep me on time

fur shrug cardigans to keep me feeling sexy in layers

cute but simple dresses to keep me feeling pretty in tights

and pretty bird print handbags to keep me feeling girly

Oh, and also this blouse to keep me warm and feminine under all those layers

and this ring to keep my fingers feeling pretty too!

What's your christmas wish list? As extravagant and clothing based as mine!?!

Abiento x

Monday, 21 November 2011

Birthday Week

This Thursday is my 21st Birthday! I'm so excited! It's a rather strange excitement though; I feel like I've been 21 for quite a while already. Plus as my family and friends are spread across not only this country, but the whole world, it would be a small party! And so last night I had dinner with my family in Cornwall, tonight is cocktails with my friends in Cornwall, and then on Wednesday evening Mike is whisking me away to London for a couple of nights!

It's a complete suprise, I don't know what were doing at all! I'm not even meant to know where were going :) So, look out this week for photos of my Birthday week!

Abiento x

P.S The whole of that cake has now successfully been eaten :) Fatty Fatty me!

Journal Day 55

Today we started part 2 of our course with an explorative project on de-constructing mechanical and electrical objects. We take the object (a torch in my case) and un assemble it, breaking it down to the smaller parts to see how it was made. We have been split into our specialities; starting with 2d or 3d, and then our particular specialist interests beyond that. I am in the textiles group, but will mainly be focusing on print and 2D forms of working. It's a strange combination but it's the one that works for me. In art 2D work is painting, photography and drawing. Things you can do on paper. I may not react as well to materials as to colour and shape, but I certainly am not a 2D artist! And so I am doing 2D within the 3D sector :). I'm excited about it!

However I am not 3D to the extent of being able to enjoy the deconstruction project; and I noticed many others from the textiles group struggling and feeling the same. Working with hard, metal objects is not our thing. We like organic objects; textures, shapes and patterns. We like the natural beauty. We are not interested in the making and planning and putting together of objects. We like to make clothes or toys or art that have come from other ideas. We're not quite as practical. And so I struggled; did a few drawings.

But what I did find was that the objects I (unknowingly) chose, were very basic and simple. The pieces of the torch slotted together perfectly to form a functional object. There was no need for screws or bolts; there was no confusing circuit board. Simple; two batteries and a lamp squeezed into a tube.

Plus when I took these pieces apart and drew them, I discovered that the way I chose and wanted to draw them involved a graphic design element of arrows and instructions. It could have been a pamphlet or leaflet. And advert on the pieces of a torch. And it worked for me. I found the idea of drawing the basic objects boring. They are simple and plain, and so my drawings would be also. A natural object with texture and grain would have been much more interesting to draw. But adding words and graphics makes it much more fun and useable. Much more aesthetically pleasing.

So at least the random and uninteresting project led me to a new discovery and idea! All before lunchtime..... looks like that project isn't going to last long!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday Fun

Are you going? Are you as obsessed as everyone else, or are you among those that are bored, and un-interested by this tween movie? I have to say I hated the first couple of films, but then I gave the books a go.... and now I might just be hooked!

Abiento x

Thursday, 17 November 2011

My Week in Photos (365 Project)

Sorry for yet another quiet week on here. It got to Tuesday before I realised that I hadn't posted anything this week! We've had this week off from uni because of our assessments, and so I've been mulling around, doing work and hanging out. Basically having time out. And to be honest I've been feeling crap; a bit under the weather and down. So hang on til next week where I will have lots more to say- including my happy feedback from the assessment!

So this was my week in photos;


The beginnings of a printed house... 


Home-made Carrot and Parsnip soup- sooo yummy!


Back at work with a yummy pork and stuffing sandwich for lunch :)


Zumba, followed by a rather strenuous pilates session!


Roast veg with feta cheese for me and the mr today :) Can you tell the focus we've had on food lately!?


One of many research books I will be reading in preparation for the next stage of the course and my upcoming essay.


Abiento x