Thursday, 31 March 2011

New New New

Have you noticed it yet? I like it. I had a fiddle with the settings and this is what I chose. I'm not brave enough to add any color yet, as I don't want it to look cheap or tacky, and I don't really know the style of this blog yet. We will see :).

But what do you think so far? Please let me know in the comments sections below :).

In other news, have you noticed this little image on the right hand side of the blog? It means that I am part of the "From our Hearts to our Hands" community. YAY! :D At any time you want, you can click on it, and it will take you over to the blog to see what we have been up to. I haven't participated in this month's project as I had NO idea what to do!!

On other news I have fixed the image storage problem I mentioned previously, and posting will pretty much resume as normal! (not that it had been that different really.....)

Abiento x

Self Portrait Photo's

Ummmm...... so.

Well as you can tell by this blank page, there is no Self Portrait Photo this week. Blogger still won't let me upload any images..... I'm trying to fix this ASAP I promise, so hang in there!

Sorry again!!

Abiento x

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Falmouth: Interview #2.

SO. #2. This time around the interview was for the photography degree course at Falmouth. Same school. Different qualification. Different medium. And boy was I nervous.

Being that I have only been back home for oh, 1 and a half days, I was severely unprepared! I had my portfolio put together before I left for Canada, but didn't have much time to add the full bulk of my recent images, so felt a bit bereft.

For the foundation interview I wasn't nervous. If I'm honest, I was pretty sure I had it in the bag. And lucky for me, I did! But this time around, I'm not so sure. Not at all. I came back from Canada not even sure if I was going to go to the interview, if I would even want the place if it were offered to me. But I decided that it would only be a couple of hours out of my life, so I might as well go. When I got there I realised that maybe I did want this...... and the nerves increased.

The interview itself was short. Ridiculously short. They looked through my work and asked me 2 questions. Thats it. And those questions were: "What modules did you take while you were at UBC?" and "Have you applied anywhere else?". THAT WAS IT!!? What!? I know. I actually said to them- 'Oh-is that it!?' But apparently so. They said that my work showed them all they needed to know, and that those were the only questions they had for me. So off I went. Or at least I tried to leave.....but, just as I was trying to pack up my many many sketchbooks, my portfolio case broke. Yup handle came off, zip split, the whole shabang. Oh feck. Oh and look there's the next person coming in for their interview. Great. After I finally squeezed it all back in, and lugged the heavy bugger up through campus back to my car (after about 5 short breaks) I was knackered, and admittedly worried.

They did say just at the end; "Maybe the foundation course is right for you, maybe that's what you should do. But don't worry." So I left thinking.... right well there's no way I'm getting a place here then if that's what they think!

I'm not sure how this one is gonna turn out, but fingers crossed!

Abiento x

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Two weeks on the Island: Around and about

It has been a nice chilled out two weeks on the Island with my mumma, but also busy one!

A night of whist.

I took a few photos of this setup with different people moving and blurring. But the whole time, that cat (Smeagle) (( What a horrible name for a cat!!?!)) just stayed completely stationary. Didn't move an inch.

The next two images are of the bathroom in the Blue Fox cafe. Soo retro.

Mmmm I love breakfast at The Blue Fox so much! I couldn't decide what to have for breakfast......

So I had both!!

All the tables are decorated with artistic napkins that have been left by appreciative customers!

Situated in downtown Victoria, it is small, colorful, quirky, delicious and full of amazing art from local artists. It is by far one of the most popular places to eat breakfast in town and on the weekends has a long line up of hungry customers waiting for their breakfast!

Laura's rainbow sushi!

I took my family british sweets- Percy Pigs, Wine Gums and an array of Dairy Milk! 



watching 'Cirque De Soleil'- her favorite movie at the moment. She loves all the dancing and pretends to be some of the characters in the show. She gets up and moves around the room she is in, pretending to be them. For example if the angles are backstage she will say ' The angels aren't doing anything now, they are just sitting at the back. I have to sit at the back too.' and then she will move to behind the sofa, away from the 'stage' to be like them. 'Oh the angels are at the front watching now so I have to be there too' !! Soo cute.

Playing with the strange strange putty.

There was one more picture I wanted to post here, but blogger/google has suddenly decided that I have posted too many photos on here and wont let. Needless to say that is a problem for me, being that this is primarily a photography blog.......!! So to describe it, it is another image of Gilly, the adorable girl in all the other pictures in this post, she is grinning away and it is in black and white. CUTE.

Will try to get things up and running soon, but I am jet lagged and only just woke up... I know I know its 2pm!! Hold on tight for me people :)

Abiento x

Monday, 28 March 2011

In Transit

So as I am in Transit today I will give a quick update- and then lots of images!!

Today I head back to England. (Wooooo!! Yay!!) As much as I have enjoyed my little holiday back to Canadia, I have also really missed England. There is a reason why I chose to move back to England pernamently, and that's cause quite simply I love it. It is home. I don't feel that I have really moved back to England fully, being that a large amount of my personal belongings have still been in Canada, but also because I haven't spent the time in England recently to feel as though I actually live there. I cannot wait for that time to pass, and I have to say that when people ask me if I'm happy now I'm back at home I can honestly tell them that I am not only happy, I am ecstatic! I still feel overwhelming joy at the simple thought that I live in England. Just that I live there. Simple. But so exciting to me, despite having been back for 3 months! (small things please small minds no?)

Anyway! So the weekend was spent in Tswassen, a town just outside of Vancouver, where we have family (My Gran's cousins) who we love to spend time with. Without much internet access, and a lot of time spent eating and talking after doing little errands, there has been no time to write and plan posts for today. So I'm afraid that will have to wait! So for a few days there will be very few posts- just lots of images! Hopefully this isn't too much of a change, and I will write again when I am able to!

Abiento x

Two weeks on the Island: Tofino and the Pacific Rim Whale Festival

I have decided to split the trip to Tofino into two (or maybe three parts) as there are just so many images! So watch out for the next batch coming soon! :) For a little bit of further info, Tofino is a small surf town, that is completely isolated. The nearest town to it, is a 30 minute drive, and between them is nothing but beaches and the sea. It is a cute and quaint town that reminds me of Cornwall. It is also a long drive from everywhere else! The drive from Sidney took us close to 5 hours including a few little stop offs. So pretty much as far from Cornwall as London is. 

Yes that is a tv in the bathroom. Quite appropriately showing surf videos!

Seek Shelter

The best chocolate truffle EVER MADE IN THE WORLD EVER!! despite the crappy picture. Plus it came with raspberry coulis :p

The beach below the lodge

Our lodge :)

giant mussel shells!

embossed window in a restaurant

handmade/carved photo album cover. Note the teeny fetus in the mamma :)

A local art show as part of the Whale Festival in Tofino

Note the little man running away from the tsunami! Brilliant :)

On the drive back we decided to stop off at Cathedral Grove, a forest of GIANT trees! They range from 800-300 years old, and are gigantic!

Yes, you can just about see my mum there at the foot of that tree. Just.

Normal tree, meet giant tree.

Can you see where this fallen tree ends? No? Look a bit closer......

Still can't see it? Ah well, it's just that big!!

Abiento x