Monday, 17 October 2011

Here's to Happiness

Here's to Happiness is a wonderful series created by Naomi Davis of the Rockstar Diaries. Mentioned here previously, you might already know that I have a not so secret love for the cuteness of her family. But I also have a deep appreciation for the regular lists of things to be happy about; a nice little perk in the day, and something to aspire to think about.

Here is an example from over the weekend from her friend Katie;

10 things that make katie terribly happy:

  1. my adorable new apartment in berlin... especially my tiny kitchen (lots and lots of cooking and baking!)
  2. the love of a wonderful man
  3. writing and receiving letters
  4. learning and speaking german every day
  5. the bright orange pumpkin sitting on my desk
  6. fall colours, smells, clothes.
  7. the cobblestones that line my little street
  8. finding love letters among the vintage postcards at the flea market
  9. chatting with my family and friends as if there's not an ocean between us
  10. enjoying a nice cup of tea with my boyfriend on our sunny balcony

Even if it's not published or shared, I think that writing a similar list is a great thing to do- just to remind yourself that life is full of little joys :).

Thanks for the joy Naomi!

Abiento x


  1. Love Rockstar diaries!! Let's start a Happy List revolution! :) xx


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