Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Journal Day 27

Writing all in one to catch up! Turns out it's harder to write it up here on the day and have it published that day. So less of the catching up, and more of the writing :).

Day 27. Paint workshop. Nervous, as usual about a workshop involving some form of fine art or a medium  which I have not worked with before. Paint is one of these. Paint is one of those things that you get given for christmas presents multiple times throughout your life the minute you express an interest in art. Family members hear that you are interested in or doing well in art and boom! Three types of paint in your stocking :).

So. We talked about the language of paint. The style of paint used. Has the artist used a rough brush, or a fine brush. How are the strokes applied? Are they soft and fluid or energetic and harsh? Has he or she used dabbing or blotting, or have they stroked the paint on. How are they conveying the subject? And what do you like about these styles? Or what don't you like?

I found it really interesting; I loved the analytical style that is similar to the style of art history discussion that I so enjoy. Hearing everyone else's opinions and descriptions was also hugely interesting, especially at the end of the day when we presented everyone's work to each other to discuss. So great to get the opinion of others.

I found that when I started painting to explore these languages of paint, that what I found most interesting was less about what I was painting than the textures, patterns and colours that I could create. Tutors so far have linked this to my interest in textiles; the colours textures and patterns created there. However I was then asked to think about what it is about the physical use of fabric in textiles that I prefer to the 2D style of paint. Even when working with the same themes.

With the paint I could physically apply layers of paint over and over time, creating new areas of interest. Thick layers of lumps, bumps and waves. Transitioning tones of pinks through to blues with the rich purples in between. It is that that I love. Colours and textures excite me.

I believe that if I spent more time with paint that I could come to like it and be good at it. I believe, as usual, that it is my lack of instruction in the medium that has led me to believe that I am no good at it. Perhaps now is the time to experiment and play with it.

I would love to be able to create something like this;

Another student from the workshop before me created this.

and while I experimented with the language of paint, I created this;

Note the tones of the colours and the textures in particular. Plus the scoring to hint at a shape within the painting.

Abiento x

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