Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Journal Day 24

I believe I am still writing a day behind at the moment, but I don't think that should matter too much. I don't expect many of you are reading this anyway. In fact if you are, brownie points to you :) you have good karma today. Go eat some cake or something :)! And if not, let me know yeh? Cause then what I might do is switch these posts onto another page so that they don't get confused and muddled up and also so they don't bore you all to death. Sound good or no?

Yesterday I worked on the multiple choice project; a self directed project for the 2D section. We are given a list of themes and formats to explore before we then choose a theme and two formats to work with it. All I have done so far is some basic research into the themes and mind maps. Lots of mind maps. I seem to find lately that one of my best ways of working isn't through drawing out my many options and ideas (I find that too tedious and long- I don't have that much time or patience- or skill) but through drawing a basic idea and writing my ideas around it in a spider diagram. Quick thoughts, the first thoughts and points that pop into my head. From there I tend to be able to verbalise and come up with further ideas and thoughts. Link that can carry the work forward. And so this is where I am beginning with this project.

I think it's interesting to see this, especially on reflection of the narrative workshop at the beginning of the week, and the fact the writing through a blog has been my preferred choice of expression lately, that actually the written word, and word alone is something that I choose to work with over many of the 'artistic' options. Plus, in that sense, when it comes to analysing my work (in writing) I am referring to my analyses of literature and writing done in school, as opposed to any analysis techniques taught in art or design classes. Perhaps this is because, in actuality, I have never been taught how to analyse my artistic work. We have just made.

Anyway. The options for this project are many and varied, and have produced different resulting ideas of interest; including, appropriately, one based on literature. A comparison of the English used in America and Britain. Or I could choose the theme that allows me to leave traces of work behind my work. Ghosts of work and traces of history. Similar to many of Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches from the 1400's when paper was rare and special. You didn't simply throw away paper back then, it was precious. A special commodity. Much like the value we now place on his work.

So, it turns out I'm interested in more than I thought. And have skills in more than I thought. How unexpected.

Abeinto x

P.S On a side note, all the lecturers are continually asking us what we want to do, who we are as an artist. Constantly forcing us to think about what we want to specialise in next year (as most students are young and will be moving forward to do a degree). It is all everyone seems to think about. UCAS applications have already been submitted for Cambridge and Oxford, students are thinking forward to next year. But I (think) that I have made the executive decision to not go to Uni. If I want any further education I'm gonna do some extra courses; part time perhaps. I will work; gain more experience. But I am not going to do a degree. I'm not saying never. Just not now, not next year.

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