Thursday, 30 June 2011

The best rah rah weekend ever- Days 1 and 2

Last weekend was a biggie. Ohh yehh. I took 4 days off work to celebrate a friends 21st. He had a joint party with his Dad, as it was his 50th, and it also happened to be his parents 25th wedding anniversary! Such a huge weekend was planned, and it was quintessentially British. We drove up to Mid-Devon on the Friday to help set up the marquees etc., then after a delicious egg and bacon bag breakfast, the party started.

We started out by enjoying the pimm's and cider tent, all successfully getting nice and tipsy before 3pm :), whilst being serenaded by a brass brand...

There was an adult bouncy castle, for, well, the adults!

the village hall was decked out for food, while the church hall was full of games; ten pin bowling, a dance matt, human fruit machine, that buzzer game, jewellery making, scrapbooking, the list goes on!

Mid afternoon we drunkenly took on some axe throwing.....

followed by afternoon tea and cakes galore.

After a short break to eat and drink some more, and get all jazzed up, a DELICIOUS feast followed, with a great band for entertainment.

What a bledy weekend. It was fantastic, and spent with so many amazing friends who really made it.

But I am so happy to be have been able to share these photos, so check back tomorrow to see day 3, in a GORGEOUS field! :D

Abiento x

My Week in Photos (365 Project)

Continuing with the captions....


My yummy daily brekkie :)


Yup I'm totally getting ill again..... sorry to everyone in the cinema last night who missed the end of the film thanks to my coughing attack......


Movie night in bed with the mr :)


New lens arrived!!!! YAYAY!!


Bottle collection for an upcoming photo shoot (exciting!)


Just enjoying the sunshine today :) From inside... as usual.


Something that's been in our thoughts a lot this week... and finally Mike bit the bullet and has applied for a job. One that is actually available at the moment, unlike his dream job!

Abiento x

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

One of those weeks....

Do you ever get those weeks? Those weeks where you're so tired your head is boggy, and you don't quite keep up with the world? It keeps on turning, you keep on moving, but it doesn't quite feel normal?

Yup this week was one of those for me.... and well, photo taking for my 365 project kinda took a back seat... mainly because I forgot. And was just so tired! Useless I know.

I hope next week is better!!

Abiento x

I wish I lived in America.... In their world

Sometimes I wish I lived in their world in America. Just the world of those lucky creative few who seem to live these wonderfully creative lives with each other. I wish.

Well two of my favourite creative Americans (who may or may not live in that lucky world) have been creative together! (Dream!!!!)

Ryan from Pacing the Panic Room (Have you ever noticed me mention that blog- lots!?) and Grace from everyone's favourite design blog; Design Sponge, have worked together to create the promotional video for the Design Sponge book that will be released in September.

Design Sponge at Home (Official Book Trailer) from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

I want. Badly. And I love the video. Don't you!?

Please can someone buy me this book!? hint hint to my mother who lives on North American shores ;)

Abiento x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Shepherd's Huts at Out in the Open

Just spent a lovely part of my evening with Kit from KIT's Boutique, as we drove through the random roads of Cornwall trying to find Out in the Open, a wonderfully eclectic campsite! We are going to be using the campsite, their Tipi and their gorgeous Shepherd's Huts as the location for our engagement photo shoot competition!

The lovely couple, Cath and Dee, that run the farm and campsite gave us a tour of their available land and camping space with their little dog Jester; showing us the Shepherd's Huts, the pond (with G), the Tipi and the fantastic view from the fields. It is all sooo stunning, and they have paid so much attention to detail, putting in true dedication to making the campsite a wonderful place to stay.

Kit and I spent most of our visit joking about how much we want to live there, but I don't think either of us were actually joking.... I mean.... who wouldn't want to spend a little holiday in these!?

Anyway, check them out, and keep them in mind if you fancy a unique camping holiday!

Abiento x

P.S girls I hope you don't mind me stealing some images from your site- but I just had to share the gorgeousness!! :)

YES Please!!

Honestlywtf; quite predictably via A Cup of Jo 

Abiento x

Monday, 27 June 2011

Sneak Peak of the Rah Rah Weekend

Man have I been impatient about sharing these photos with you guys... I love them all so much, and am really happy with what I created. But now that the family themselves have seen these images, I am finally able share photos from a couple of weekends ago; spent celebrating ex house-mate/ work-mate Tom's 21st Birthday, which also happened to be his Dad's 50th Birthday and his parents 25th Wedding Anniversary!!

We sent the family a disc of the images as a thank you present, and so didn't want anyone to see them before they did! No spoiling the suprise now :).

So as a little teaser, here is the gist of our amazing weekend!

Check back later on this week, to see the weekend in full detail- expect lots of action, including some fun with axes, guns and a bouncy castle!!

Abiento x