Monday, 24 October 2011


Something that has been in my thoughts lately has been Canada. And certain things that I miss about Canada. So in tribute to the list of happiness last week, I thought I would write down a list of things that I miss about Canada :).

1. My mum and family
2. Being in a city
3. Being in a city where I don't mind taking public transport
4. Only being an hour away from a ski run
5. Being different and unique because I was the "British Chick"
6. My friends
7. Better make up
8. Art History Lectures. And big lecture halls for that matter
9. Shopping Malls
10. Sushi
11. The ferry
12. Sweet potato fries

And for contrast the things that make me happy to be back living in England....

1. The Mr
2. M&S (Percy Pigs are a staple to my diet)
3. Radio 1
4. Familiarity
5. Small streets
6. And education system that I understand
7. Food that doesn't make me ill
8. Not having to ascertain the difference between a chicken salad sandwich and a chicken sandwich with salad
9. Normal sized cars and normal driving when in lanes
10. Not being the odd one out because I'm the "British Chick" (Ironic huh)
11. Being with people my own age on a regular basis
12. Having my car
13. My friends

Now I know that my list of English things trumps the Canadian, but notice how many of the pluses about England are actually complaints about Canada...........

Plus please note these are not in order of preference. Just random.

Abiento x

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