Monday, 31 January 2011

New house!

We have moved! Just for you nosy people, because I know there are lots of you, here are some pictures of our new room......

Plus that random shelf you can see in the above picture, is infact.....

A crawl space!!

Look at all that lovely storage space :)

After my long week of being busy, I am now run down and have a cold :(. But I do recommend for anyone that likes a bit of stand up comedy that you go to see Stephen K Amos. Or you could just watch him on the comedy channel. He is brilliant. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Abitento x

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Friday Fun

It is a belated Friday Fun today, as there simply wasn't enough time in the day yesterday!

So for today, here is a funny video for those Will Ferrel fans out there :)

Later on this weekend I will put up some pictures of the new room and house!

Abiento x

Friday, 28 January 2011

Busy Days!

This week has been so crazily busy! We (me and the mr) have had so much on our plates, me in particular! I have managed to successfully score 2 jobs, buy a car and by the weekend I will be able to say that I have also moved house and done a 10 day project for my falmouth application! Soooo busy!!

We are yet to start even start packing, as last night we had dinner with family and friends followed by a friends birthday night out. Plus every day this week that I haven't been working or meeting photographers I have been working on the project. Sadly today I realised I didn't have enough time to do what I wanted to and so I have had to start again!! But I WILL get it done! So, up very early tomorrow morning to pack, move the 2 or 3 pieces of furniture we have, and then in the evening we are seeing the hilarious Stephen K Amos at the Plymouth Pavillions! After that I might actually manage to unpack and finish this project! Then I can finally move onto the other projects which I have barely had time to start.

Just for a bit of general interest these images are some of my un-edited images for the falmouth project


The mess of the kitchen table today!

 Maybe on sunday I will be able to start posting about more interesting things again....!!

Abiento x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Lots of News! As a follow up to my meeting with Emma Case I started emailing local photographers, to try and see if I could find out how they made it and what their stories are. Once they had replied, I then offered them my services as a volunteer to observe and help out. This is in turn would allow me to learn loads.

So.. yesterday I actually managed to meet one of these photographers! The well established Simon Green and his make up stylist wife let me into their studio for a chat. And it turns out that they were looking for someone like me to help out too! So hopefully in the future I will be learning ALOT from him, and gaining work and experience in the process! Pretty amazing I think.

Here are a few images from his website for you-

Alongside this I have also managed to find a nice waitressing job, the manager of which is willing to let me only work part time around this! I had a trial shift with them today and I love them. They are the nicest people and all one big happy family! So all in all a very good day, and week! The mr bought his car yesterday and now I just need to start packing for the move into the new house! busy busy busy!!

Hope your weeks are going as nicely as mine,

Abiento! x

p.s Ausual, for copyright purposes all photos and images that have been taken directly from a mentioned blog are creations of that blog and the lovely person behind it.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Slow drivers, amongst other things

Slow drivers, amongst other things, drive me crazy. When your in a national speed limit zone WHYYYY would you choose to drive at only 40-45 mph!?! its illegal!!

I will only forgive you if you are old or you have a Cornish flag sticker on your car.

Anywayyy.... Time for another of my favorite blogs. This lovely lady has already been mentioned on here a few times, and comes with a little story :) Her name is Emma Case. She is an up and coming British wedding photographer. I found her on a random trawl of blogs and i love her a little bit. Genuinely. We have been emailing a bit, and I got to meeet her a couple of weeks ago while the mr was on his ski holiday. She is quite similar to me actually.... hair and everything :) She has a great sense of humour and of fashion.

Image taken from Anna Hardy on the collaborative blog From our Hearts to our Hands. Photo of Emma Case.

But most importantly, she takes great photos. Her images are from the heart. She has no formal photography training and goes with what she loves and feels. I think it works brilliantly. One of things we have in common, and one of the reasons I found her, is that we both feel that British wedding photography lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. It is stiff, posed, formal, and lacks any creative touch. Considering photographers are supposed to be creative types this quite frankly sucks. It also means that you might as well give your fancy pants camera to a child and show them the big round button to press. Emma however has a great eye and a wonderful style. For more on her check out her blog or her facebook page.

All of the above images are by Emma Case Photography

She has also recently teamed up with 3 other photographers; Joanna BrownAnna Hardy and Debs Ivelja. Between them these four girls have created a new group who are aiming to influence and help each other with their businesses, and also inspire and help others who want to contribute. This is their blog, and they are also helping people through their flickr page.

 Anna Hardy
 Debs Ivelja
Joanna Brown
All images above were taken from the collaborative blog, From our hearts to our hands and are by Anna Hardy.

When I had dinner with Emma, it turned out that all 4 of them were together, here in Cornwall, on holiday together! I was not expecting it at all and it was a great suprise! I had the great honor of having a nice pub meal in Tintagel with all 4 wonderful photographers. It was such a lovely evening and I got sooo many tips and so much advice from them all. It truly was more than I could have asked for and I was very grateful to have met them all. Hopefully we will remain in contact in the future. :) Please please take a look at all of their stuff, it is truly gorgeous. Then let me know what you think!


p.s Emma lives near the Cadbury's factory!! JEALOUS.

p.p.s ausual, for copyright purposes all photos and images that have been taken directly from a mentioned blog are creations of that blog and the lovely person behind it.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Me Me Me Me Me

There's been a lot of talk about other people on here so far.... so lets quickly get back to the point and talk about me! yay :)

There's a lot happening around here this week, keeping me and mr rather busy, and rather stressed. (well that's him, not me.) We are moving house on saturday plus the mr is going to be buying a car tomorrow! Aren't we all grown up :)

At the same time I am working on a few personal projects that include this blog as well as a project for my application to Falmouth University that I only have 10 days to do and is proving to be quite a struggle, seeing as I don't have any space or supplies with which to make it!

One of my side line ideas rather than projects at the moment is also to research, talk to, and meet local and successful photographers. So along with tomorrow's blog recommendation I will be telling you about the lovely Emma Case who I met last weekend, and will soon be telling you about my meeting with Simon Green who I am meeting tomorrow.

I am ALSO (!!) trying to learn as much as I can about my cameras. I have even been reading the instruction manuals! So far I have done a mini photo shoot at the creek with the mr to test out portrait photography. just for you here is a little sneak preview with one of my faves.

It doesn't really count as a sneak preview though..... seeing as they are all already up on my flickr pagewhich can also be seen over here >>>>>

There will be more info on my other photography projects this week. Most of which I will be showcasing on here and on flickr once I start them.

Hope you all had a nice weekend me 'ansomes :)

Abiento x

Monday Mornings

What a drag huh? I know lots of people out there have the monday morning feeling..... I know I know. Stop shouting. I can barely talk cause I don't have that feeling being that I'm unemployed and all.

But don't you still wish you could be here right now!?

or maybe here?

Hope this makes you feel a bit cheerier on this rather grey monday.

Abiento x

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Side note to my photography

Just a little extra note that if any of you were interested in seeing more of my photographs, and other work, then my images are on my flickr page. This is updated very regularly and again I would love to get some feedback- don't be shy!

P.S there is also now a link of the right hand side of the blog that will take you to the flickr page and shows my most recently added images!

Abiento x

Friday, 21 January 2011

My Photographs

Slowly but surely I will be including more to do with photography on here. I have a lot to do in regards to my photography work at the moment, and it's taking me a while to get it all sorted nicely. But I did want to share these photos from my sister's wedding back in the summer of 2010. So far they have received slightly mixed reviews... but I was really pleased and excited with them!

I love the vintage feel they have (thanks to some great photoshop actions I downloaded) and it is something I have been trying to re-create for a long time. Some of my favorite wedding photographers all have such beautiful images that look like film, just modernised. I have always wanted to know how they did it, and I'm finally starting to understand!

I have always felt that English wedding photography has lacked a certain creative edge, and has always been very posed and well, boring! A lot of my favorite British photographers happen to be wedding photographers, and I love them for the extra panazz they bring to the style.

One of these photographers, the gorgeous Emma Case, will be in a post or two soon as she is not only one of my favorite wedding photographers and in my list of top 5 blogs, but I met her last weekend! Eeek! It was so exciting :) But for now here is a sneak preview of some of her work. The first of these was taken at the very first wedding she ever photographed! Talented or what!?

Pleeease leave a comment to let me know what you think of both my work and Emma's, I would love some feedback!

Abiento x

P.S For copyright purposes all photos and images that have been taken directly from a mentioned blog are creations of that blog and the lovely person behind it.

Friday Fun

Being that it's Friday, I thought I would post some fun things to brighten the mood for the weekend :)

This video cracks me up so much. If I'm ever in a bad mood then all I have to do is watch this and it cheers me up straight away! Once I've watched it once I just can't stop....

Hope it puts a smile on your face :)

Abiento x

Thursday, 20 January 2011


So a few good things happened today!

1. Me and the mr watched another crappy film, this time less crappy more cheesy. We watched The Karate Kid. Not bad. Not great though have to say. I felt like it was maybe made for a 12 year old rather than about a 12 year old.... ah well, still a nice afternoon watch. :)

2. My camera is home! And it works! YAY!

3. Me and the tall blonde that is one of my very bestest friends are going to see Derren Brown in May, and the tickets arrived! again YAY! I love Derren Brown :)

4. And um.... oh yeh I officially (as of this moment) have had 168 views of this here very blog!! very excited about that-it has only been 4 days so I would say that's pretty gooood. So far I have had views from here in 'ole blighty, the US, Canada, Ireland, The Netherlands and South Korea!! Kind of amazing.

5. After some tactical bidding I won this beauty on Ebay for a lovely 15 pounds.

(note if I don't use the pound button on here very much, it's because I don't have one! Thank you Canada....)

Isn't she pretty!?

Anyway that's about it (!!) but again YAY! good day :)

Abiento x

Scott Schuman a.k.a The Sartorialist

Morning! I'm going to start things off today with another of my favorite and often followed blogs. If you are interested in fashion in anyway, then hopefully you will already know of this man. (And hopefully his leading lady too..)

His name is Scott Schuman, otherwise known as The Sartorialist. He loves a bit of well tailored fashion and runs around the world photographing the average joe's on the street who epitomize this . He features some rather famous vogue editors sometimes too....
He showcases women and men who are both typically stylish, sometimes fashionable, but mostly unique. 

He has also recently been featured in a Visual Life documentary video by Intel which you can see below:

Now if you mind I will continue about his leading lady.... Garance Dore. Garance is a charming Frenchy who also photographs pretty people, as well as creating some fabulous illustrations like this and this and well, this:

Please check them out, keep them as a daily read, do what you will with them! And then come back here and leave a comment to let me know what you think! I really would love to hear what you think about the blogs that I am mentioning on here....

Abiento x

P.S For copyright purposes all photos and images have been taken directly from the mentioned blog and are therefore creations of that blog and the lovely person behind it. 

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Blogs, not Cameras

So, sadly the introductions to my cameras will have to wait. Firstly because two of them are in Canada, and secondly because my DSLR is being fixed right now by the nice men at Sony, and the only 2 I have left in the country require very expensive film! So I will get there eventually....

But for today I will start off with one of my top 5 blogs. I would like to point out that these are not numbered by my preference, I will just be posting them randomly as they all cover such different topics.

So for today we will start off with this lovely blog. Pacing the Panic Room is for me a photographic influence, as well as a personal influence as he writes so nicely about his development in learning about photography and his life with his family. He honestly is the most wonderful writer, and goes much deeper than any man I know! He has a true understanding of the life he lives and the emotions that surround him and is constantly striving to be the best version of himself that he can. And I love that.

He has this goorrgeous woman as his wife and mother to their little girl Tessa tangerine:

and is also step father to this cutie

He is totally in love with his family, and often shares photos and videos of their life, and their ways of parenting which they seem to regularly discuss. Again, I think this is just great. A totally open and honest modern family.

But he also takes great photos. He has taught himself everything he knows, and works with both photography and film. Currently he is working on this little project for The Gap that highlights women who are in jobs that they absolutely love. This forms a wonderful inspiration to any woman, that she can do what she wants to be doing, not just what brings home the bacon.
Anyway please take a look and let me know what you think!

Abiento x

P.S For copyright purposes all photos and images have been taken directly from the mentioned blog and are therefore creations of that blog and the lovely person behind it.


This is the mr. His name is Mike. He might as well be a 5 year old, but I still love him :)

The mr likes computer games, pasties and a good pint of cider. He is currently awaiting interviews to join the RAF.

This is his cat. She used to be cute......

Now she's just a bitch.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Continuing the introductions

So, as this blog continues, and I start out here, I will slowly but surely be introducing many things to you, my very few readers. Most of you will probably know most of who I introduce you to, but will not know much else of what I introduce to you. Hopefully that means lots of happy discoveries of new information!

One of the first things I will introduce you to, possibly today, will be the people in my life. Not many of them, but the basics at least. From there I will move on to my cameras, and the film I use as well as the blogs and artists that I follow. Then I will begin explaining my upcoming projects and what I will be hoping to do!

From there I can get going! But in the meantime I will be showing you some fun things too! Like for instance this fun online photo-booth.

This fun little app lets you take old school photos like the american photo booths we have all seen in the movies. Plus it's all in French and plays some hunky dory french music! So much goofing around.
Once you have taken your photo you can change its format, download it, print it or link to facebook etc.

If you do have a look at it, go ahead and post some of the photos you take into the comments section below- I would love to see what you did!!

But if not then here is mine:

As you can tell I'm sat around snuggled up in my jim jams :)

Abiento x