Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Journal Day 28

Photography workshop today, covering the basics of working with the camera in manual. Something I already know how to do. In all honestly I missed most of the day and tuned in every now and then to help others when they were stuck. However what I really enjoyed was when Katie (PGCE student who I work with at Gylly) showed us various photographers and their images that related to our theme of 'Hidden'. We analysed the photos and guess what- it was my favourite part! haha.

Working with the afore mentioned theme of 'Hidden' we worked in small groups with a white and then a black backdrop to create images for the project.

So far these are my favourite from the day, which need to be narrowed down to 7, with two of those being final images in colour, at an A3 size. 

Any thoughts? I think I need to think about why it is that I like photography, and yet don't want to be a photographer. I find it comfortable as I know the basics.

Abiento x

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