Thursday, 20 October 2011

Berlin Trip 2012

As part of the course we are spending 5 days in Berlin :). From the small amount of research I have done so far I am excited! Here's what I'm most excited for :

This fabric shop

This art gallery that is in an underground bunker left from an air shelter in the war

The Third Reich Buildings that have been made into an architectural beauty

Seeing the school of the Bauhaus. Which by the way allowed me to do the education I am doing now

Maybe visiting this concentration camp if I have both the time and the strength

The button shop, that has the same name as this (my favourite) button shop in Vancouver

Sadly going to be missing these flea markets

And also (not so sadly) will be missing the worlds first and only erotic museum (How strange). Thank you Germany.

Have you ever been? I honestly never thought I would want to go to Germany. Even with my strong interest in the world wars. I thought about going to France. Never Germany. I have no idea why. I don't think it's because of any poor stereotype or bad misjudgement from the war. I just never thought of it. And yet now I'm going, I'm pleased. I'm excited to see what Germany has to offer. Architectural delights; a whole Island full of galleries and museums and lots and lots and lots and lots of leftover war memorials.

Abiento x


  1. Take a day or two in Dresden with your uncle's guidebook - only two hours away!

  2. Sadly we don't have that kind of time... we have 5 days all of which we have stuff booked in by the lecturers- tours of areas/museums/galleries and the like. The only chance we might get (and is highly encouraged) is to venture out of the city to the Bauhaus school or some of their designed houses.

    Didn't know you've done a guidebook of Dresden though! I know hardly anything about Germany!


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