Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Thoughts on Happiness

Inspired by Naomi from the Rockstar Diaries, here is my list of things (I went slightly over 10!) that are making me happy this week. Thanks again Naomi!

1. Dairy Free Vanilla Desserts
2. 4 for 5 on cute knickers
3. Un-expected hands on my waist and kisses on my neck
4. Cuddles in bed while watching tv in our big new room
5. Baking Banana bread
6. Making plans for my upcoming birthday
7. Getting exciting about going to Canada in 8 weeks!
8. Spending my Sunday in bed watching Grey's Anatomy
9. Using up all my cool points on my over excitement and anticipation for the weekly episode of The Vampire Diaries
10. Working at the Cafe, especially on a Sunday night with live music and delicious burgers
11. Bright Cobalt blue jeans
12. My new winter boots, paid for with my tax refund :)

Abiento x

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