Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Continuing the introductions

So, as this blog continues, and I start out here, I will slowly but surely be introducing many things to you, my very few readers. Most of you will probably know most of who I introduce you to, but will not know much else of what I introduce to you. Hopefully that means lots of happy discoveries of new information!

One of the first things I will introduce you to, possibly today, will be the people in my life. Not many of them, but the basics at least. From there I will move on to my cameras, and the film I use as well as the blogs and artists that I follow. Then I will begin explaining my upcoming projects and what I will be hoping to do!

From there I can get going! But in the meantime I will be showing you some fun things too! Like for instance this fun online photo-booth. http://laphotocabine.com/

This fun little app lets you take old school photos like the american photo booths we have all seen in the movies. Plus it's all in French and plays some hunky dory french music! So much goofing around.
Once you have taken your photo you can change its format, download it, print it or link to facebook etc.

If you do have a look at it, go ahead and post some of the photos you take into the comments section below- I would love to see what you did!!

But if not then here is mine:

As you can tell I'm sat around snuggled up in my jim jams :)

Abiento x

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