Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Slow drivers, amongst other things

Slow drivers, amongst other things, drive me crazy. When your in a national speed limit zone WHYYYY would you choose to drive at only 40-45 mph!?! its illegal!!

I will only forgive you if you are old or you have a Cornish flag sticker on your car.

Anywayyy.... Time for another of my favorite blogs. This lovely lady has already been mentioned on here a few times, and comes with a little story :) Her name is Emma Case. She is an up and coming British wedding photographer. I found her on a random trawl of blogs and i love her a little bit. Genuinely. We have been emailing a bit, and I got to meeet her a couple of weeks ago while the mr was on his ski holiday. She is quite similar to me actually.... hair and everything :) She has a great sense of humour and of fashion.

Image taken from Anna Hardy on the collaborative blog From our Hearts to our Hands. Photo of Emma Case.

But most importantly, she takes great photos. Her images are from the heart. She has no formal photography training and goes with what she loves and feels. I think it works brilliantly. One of things we have in common, and one of the reasons I found her, is that we both feel that British wedding photography lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. It is stiff, posed, formal, and lacks any creative touch. Considering photographers are supposed to be creative types this quite frankly sucks. It also means that you might as well give your fancy pants camera to a child and show them the big round button to press. Emma however has a great eye and a wonderful style. For more on her check out her blog or her facebook page.

All of the above images are by Emma Case Photography

She has also recently teamed up with 3 other photographers; Joanna BrownAnna Hardy and Debs Ivelja. Between them these four girls have created a new group who are aiming to influence and help each other with their businesses, and also inspire and help others who want to contribute. This is their blog, and they are also helping people through their flickr page.

 Anna Hardy
 Debs Ivelja
Joanna Brown
All images above were taken from the collaborative blog, From our hearts to our hands and are by Anna Hardy.

When I had dinner with Emma, it turned out that all 4 of them were together, here in Cornwall, on holiday together! I was not expecting it at all and it was a great suprise! I had the great honor of having a nice pub meal in Tintagel with all 4 wonderful photographers. It was such a lovely evening and I got sooo many tips and so much advice from them all. It truly was more than I could have asked for and I was very grateful to have met them all. Hopefully we will remain in contact in the future. :) Please please take a look at all of their stuff, it is truly gorgeous. Then let me know what you think!


p.s Emma lives near the Cadbury's factory!! JEALOUS.

p.p.s ausual, for copyright purposes all photos and images that have been taken directly from a mentioned blog are creations of that blog and the lovely person behind it.


  1. It's perfectly legal to drive slowly! But I know you young people all think a speed limit is a minimum, not a maximum.

  2. Ok so I understand it's not actually illegal.... but if you were in a driving lesson being taught how to drive properly you would be told off and told to drive quicker!! I'm just going to ignore that little dig there..... ! x


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