Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Lots of News! As a follow up to my meeting with Emma Case I started emailing local photographers, to try and see if I could find out how they made it and what their stories are. Once they had replied, I then offered them my services as a volunteer to observe and help out. This is in turn would allow me to learn loads.

So.. yesterday I actually managed to meet one of these photographers! The well established Simon Green and his make up stylist wife let me into their studio for a chat. And it turns out that they were looking for someone like me to help out too! So hopefully in the future I will be learning ALOT from him, and gaining work and experience in the process! Pretty amazing I think.

Here are a few images from his website for you-

Alongside this I have also managed to find a nice waitressing job, the manager of which is willing to let me only work part time around this! I had a trial shift with them today and I love them. They are the nicest people and all one big happy family! So all in all a very good day, and week! The mr bought his car yesterday and now I just need to start packing for the move into the new house! busy busy busy!!

Hope your weeks are going as nicely as mine,

Abiento! x

p.s Ausual, for copyright purposes all photos and images that have been taken directly from a mentioned blog are creations of that blog and the lovely person behind it.

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