Thursday, 20 January 2011


So a few good things happened today!

1. Me and the mr watched another crappy film, this time less crappy more cheesy. We watched The Karate Kid. Not bad. Not great though have to say. I felt like it was maybe made for a 12 year old rather than about a 12 year old.... ah well, still a nice afternoon watch. :)

2. My camera is home! And it works! YAY!

3. Me and the tall blonde that is one of my very bestest friends are going to see Derren Brown in May, and the tickets arrived! again YAY! I love Derren Brown :)

4. And um.... oh yeh I officially (as of this moment) have had 168 views of this here very blog!! very excited about that-it has only been 4 days so I would say that's pretty gooood. So far I have had views from here in 'ole blighty, the US, Canada, Ireland, The Netherlands and South Korea!! Kind of amazing.

5. After some tactical bidding I won this beauty on Ebay for a lovely 15 pounds.

(note if I don't use the pound button on here very much, it's because I don't have one! Thank you Canada....)

Isn't she pretty!?

Anyway that's about it (!!) but again YAY! good day :)

Abiento x

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