Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Falmouth University College

So.... do you remember this post about my application to Falmouth University, and all the work I had to go to just for an interview? And then this post about how happy and excited I was when I got the place at Falmouth!? Well I have some news..... I'm not going to be going to Falmouth University!! Crazy right!?

Yup I know. And if you're thinking along the lines of my mum you're probably thinking "Just make up your mind dammit!" But hold on a sec. I'm not changing my mind- I just found something better :)

When I came back from Vancouver in December of last year, all I could focus on was how much I didn't want to go back, and how I had no idea what else to do, what else I wanted to do, how I would tell my family and friends, how I would do anything! But then when I want to France in early January, and decided I wasn't returning to Canada, I kept saying- "If only I could find something like Van Arts in England- I would go there!. However, I had a two week deadline to apply to English Universities, whether or not I wanted to go. And, well, I wanted the option as I had no idea what else to do! So I applied. And I interviewed. And I prepared myself. And life went on.

And then over the last month or so, I have found other options. I have found the equivalent to Van Arts, that I always wished existed, but couldn't find. I had no idea where to look or how how to find it. And slowly but surely they came to me, just as they always say it will.

So, at the moment I am currently thinking that I won't be going to Falmouth, and that instead I will be doing one of these two courses; or something similar, whilst trying to set up my own Photography business. I get that it might take me a year or so to actually set up a business, but I want to work towards it. And then I will work in the meantime and earn the money that is so desperately needed to buy photography equipment etc.

So.That's it. The big news! What do you think?

Abiento x

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