Sunday, 6 February 2011

Falmouth Application

The project I was working on for my application to Falmouth required quite a few pieces of work. I wanted to share with you my two final pieces:

Any thoughts?

NB: UPDATE. As Tim B nicely pointed out in the comment section, a bit more info was needed on this project. I think I was hesitant to explain as it actually became rather personal for me. The idea of the project was to create a project based on our interpretation of the words 'My Space'.

 As I explained in the comment section, this has been non existent and blurry over the last 2 years. I have lived with the mr, not so much out of choice sadly, and everything has been shared with him. We have lived with either of our mums, in their houses, driving a car that we shared, living in his room, sleeping on his bed. Or I have been in hostels, clearly not mine, or at University in halls that I shared with 33 other girls. Clearly a temporary thing, and a room that has been and will continue to be passed on. It was not my room, and never really was. My childhood home was being rented out to others, and when my cat died in the spring last year, I felt that officially I could move on from that house, as we had, and now the last tie to that house had also moved on. So the project stirred some emotions for me. And I honestly could only think of my space as being non existent and therefore of what non existence was. It was blurry. It was dark. It was confusing. This is all I drew for the project. But obviously I couldn't just make dark blurry and confusing into a final piece. So I photographed this with the land of Cornwall. The one home and space I really have. I photographed them through the lens of another camera to make them even blurrier and smaller, and to represent the feeling of it not being mine. I hope this explains the images further, and also gives you an insight into my last year.

I also want to add that happily, when I recently made the decision to stay in England permanently and not return to Canada, that everything lifted. All the pressure and sadness. I no longer cared, I was able to be at home for longer than 3 months at a time, and that was all that mattered. I am home.

Abiento x

P.S I heard over the weekend that I got an interview for the course that I applied for with this project! YAY! :)


  1. I think I need some background information before I can comment.

  2. Okay, fair enough. Any thoughts without background info, just on the images themselves is still nice.

    The project required me to create a thumbnail page of ideas, 4 observational drawings, 4 development pieces and 2 final pieces based on the words 'My space'.

    I took this literally, as my personal space in the world. Which I don't feel I have had over the last 2 years. I have been moving so much, and sharing all my space that what's left to me has been the land where I live in which I can escape, and whatever house I live in at the time, even though that has always been made clear that it is not mine. This has made my space non-existent: black, blurry and rather confusing. My space has been the place in which I live, which there has also been much confusion over. Now that I have moved house I can say that I have somewhere that is mine-although it is still shared. So these photos came from that.

  3. Excellente! It was so much easier in my day, we just did exams, ya know? Having read that, I do hope you get in to Falmouth and can stay in your new space! Sorry the last two years have been so tough. Of course, my space was invaded three months ok, but that's fine. See you soon!

  4. Thanks :) It's nice to hear! I'm only now able to find the words to explain how I felt over the last year or so, and doing this project actually helped. You're in Kernow for the birthdays yes?


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