Thursday, 17 February 2011

Falmouth: Interview #1.

I got back from my interview for the foundation diploma at Falmouth roughly.... oohh..... 30 minutes ago!? I left nice and early knowing I would have parking trouble plus trouble carrying my heavy portfolio by myself, and turned up just in the nick of time.

The interview started with us finding random objects that they had put together for us to choose from, and making an object out of them. After that we had to draw the created object. Meanwhile members of staff would be looking over our portfolios and the project that we submitted beforehand. Once we were done drawing we had to make an object based on our drawings and original object, out of paper and masking tape. And then lastly we had to draw the final object.

While we completing the latter stage of the project the staff came around and interview us for about 20 minutes at a time.

I drew. And I sat there. I made a couple of objects. And I drew some more. All the while waiting for my turn..... I drew some more. and some more. Then added some more masking tape to my object. And why not  a couple of elastic bands just for the hell of it. FINALLY my name was called and I had a nice little chat with some man. Pretty standard interview, and I'm pretty sure it went well. He said that he was intrigued by me due to my story and that he hadn't seen the first project but that it got a very good review! YAY!! So fingers crossed they liked me, I think they did :)

Now I just have about 5 more interviews to go...... Wish me luck!

Abiento x


  1. Sounds a long drawn out process! How long were you there for and how many of you were there? When do you hear whether you got accepted?

  2. Very much! I was there for 3 hours, all of which was spent drawing/making, only the last 20 mins at the mo was spent with one on one interview. (for me) It would have been 4 hours if I did the tour too but I've already done it. There was probs about 30 of us I guess and I have no idea when I hear! xx


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