Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Are you a Veggie Wedgie too?

So, remember this post about how I can't eat dairy? Well I recently found this site- and am chuffed to bits. Literally. I am so excited about the fact that I could possibly eat a chocolate dessert that does not have dairy in it!!!!!! ahhh yehh.

What caught my attention first was this yummy looking dairy free ice cream.... hell yeh...

And then I saw this chocolate pudding

Then I noticed these non chocolatey delights

But when I realised that the sites is home to recipes for drinks, salads, savoury meals and more, as well as the already infamous dairy free desserts, well, I think I wet my pants with excitement a little bit!

So if you're also a fellow lactose intolerant, or don't eat meat, or like to try out new foods and enjoy raw delicacies- well head on over and check out Veggie Wedgie, my new lurrve.

Abiento x

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