Tuesday, 29 November 2011

London Town!

So, I am back and just recovered from our little birthday trip to London! And I didn't get time to plan a post for yesterday, so sorry if you tuned in to find nothing!

We got back on Friday night, I don't even know what I did on Saturday (I was slightly comatose from lack of sleep....) and then worked a busy busy shift on Sunday! So after a full day in the studio yesterday, I am back and running and ready to share the photos from our trip!

We wandered all along the Southbank in London, after arriving super early off our sleeper train.

We popped over t St. Pauls, crossing the Millenium bridge just for the mr's mum!

We popped into the Tate gift shop (I don't like the Tate. Just the gift shop!) and also into Winston Churchill's War Experience.

We then also quickly visited the Fashion and Textiles Museum before lunch

Then the London Dungeon, followed by a delicious dinner with a bottle of champagne!

We ended the evening with stand up at the Comedy Store!

Then Friday we mulled around a couple more museums before renting Barclays bikes to zip across Hyde Park! We made it just in time to our train home with a picnic from M&S.

All in all it was beyond perfect and I cannot thank my lovely man enough for spoiling me for my birthday!!! Thank you honey, I love you :)

P.S Check out this hilarious part of an exhibit in the Churchill war exhibit....!!

Oh Yep. That's a noose, reserved for Hitler!

Abiento x

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