Thursday, 17 November 2011

My Week in Photos (365 Project)

Sorry for yet another quiet week on here. It got to Tuesday before I realised that I hadn't posted anything this week! We've had this week off from uni because of our assessments, and so I've been mulling around, doing work and hanging out. Basically having time out. And to be honest I've been feeling crap; a bit under the weather and down. So hang on til next week where I will have lots more to say- including my happy feedback from the assessment!

So this was my week in photos;


The beginnings of a printed house... 


Home-made Carrot and Parsnip soup- sooo yummy!


Back at work with a yummy pork and stuffing sandwich for lunch :)


Zumba, followed by a rather strenuous pilates session!


Roast veg with feta cheese for me and the mr today :) Can you tell the focus we've had on food lately!?


One of many research books I will be reading in preparation for the next stage of the course and my upcoming essay.


Abiento x

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