Monday, 21 November 2011

Journal Day 55

Today we started part 2 of our course with an explorative project on de-constructing mechanical and electrical objects. We take the object (a torch in my case) and un assemble it, breaking it down to the smaller parts to see how it was made. We have been split into our specialities; starting with 2d or 3d, and then our particular specialist interests beyond that. I am in the textiles group, but will mainly be focusing on print and 2D forms of working. It's a strange combination but it's the one that works for me. In art 2D work is painting, photography and drawing. Things you can do on paper. I may not react as well to materials as to colour and shape, but I certainly am not a 2D artist! And so I am doing 2D within the 3D sector :). I'm excited about it!

However I am not 3D to the extent of being able to enjoy the deconstruction project; and I noticed many others from the textiles group struggling and feeling the same. Working with hard, metal objects is not our thing. We like organic objects; textures, shapes and patterns. We like the natural beauty. We are not interested in the making and planning and putting together of objects. We like to make clothes or toys or art that have come from other ideas. We're not quite as practical. And so I struggled; did a few drawings.

But what I did find was that the objects I (unknowingly) chose, were very basic and simple. The pieces of the torch slotted together perfectly to form a functional object. There was no need for screws or bolts; there was no confusing circuit board. Simple; two batteries and a lamp squeezed into a tube.

Plus when I took these pieces apart and drew them, I discovered that the way I chose and wanted to draw them involved a graphic design element of arrows and instructions. It could have been a pamphlet or leaflet. And advert on the pieces of a torch. And it worked for me. I found the idea of drawing the basic objects boring. They are simple and plain, and so my drawings would be also. A natural object with texture and grain would have been much more interesting to draw. But adding words and graphics makes it much more fun and useable. Much more aesthetically pleasing.

So at least the random and uninteresting project led me to a new discovery and idea! All before lunchtime..... looks like that project isn't going to last long!

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