Thursday, 30 June 2011

The best rah rah weekend ever- Days 1 and 2

Last weekend was a biggie. Ohh yehh. I took 4 days off work to celebrate a friends 21st. He had a joint party with his Dad, as it was his 50th, and it also happened to be his parents 25th wedding anniversary! Such a huge weekend was planned, and it was quintessentially British. We drove up to Mid-Devon on the Friday to help set up the marquees etc., then after a delicious egg and bacon bag breakfast, the party started.

We started out by enjoying the pimm's and cider tent, all successfully getting nice and tipsy before 3pm :), whilst being serenaded by a brass brand...

There was an adult bouncy castle, for, well, the adults!

the village hall was decked out for food, while the church hall was full of games; ten pin bowling, a dance matt, human fruit machine, that buzzer game, jewellery making, scrapbooking, the list goes on!

Mid afternoon we drunkenly took on some axe throwing.....

followed by afternoon tea and cakes galore.

After a short break to eat and drink some more, and get all jazzed up, a DELICIOUS feast followed, with a great band for entertainment.

What a bledy weekend. It was fantastic, and spent with so many amazing friends who really made it.

But I am so happy to be have been able to share these photos, so check back tomorrow to see day 3, in a GORGEOUS field! :D

Abiento x

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