Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Shepherd's Huts at Out in the Open

Just spent a lovely part of my evening with Kit from KIT's Boutique, as we drove through the random roads of Cornwall trying to find Out in the Open, a wonderfully eclectic campsite! We are going to be using the campsite, their Tipi and their gorgeous Shepherd's Huts as the location for our engagement photo shoot competition!

The lovely couple, Cath and Dee, that run the farm and campsite gave us a tour of their available land and camping space with their little dog Jester; showing us the Shepherd's Huts, the pond (with G), the Tipi and the fantastic view from the fields. It is all sooo stunning, and they have paid so much attention to detail, putting in true dedication to making the campsite a wonderful place to stay.

Kit and I spent most of our visit joking about how much we want to live there, but I don't think either of us were actually joking.... I mean.... who wouldn't want to spend a little holiday in these!?

Anyway, check them out, and keep them in mind if you fancy a unique camping holiday!

Abiento x

P.S girls I hope you don't mind me stealing some images from your site- but I just had to share the gorgeousness!! :)


  1. Hey, this looks amazing, so much so that i have sent the link of the site to Simon and suggested we camp there next year and see You guys and Clare!

    Jenny (Lucys sister from Yorkshire!)

  2. Amazing!! It is so so nice, you should rent the Tipi or the Shepherd's Huts! I can't wait for the shoot there, its gonna be so lovely :)

  3. sooo soo nice I love it!!! I want to live there too, can't wait for the shoot!


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