Monday, 27 June 2011

Sneak Peak of the Rah Rah Weekend

Man have I been impatient about sharing these photos with you guys... I love them all so much, and am really happy with what I created. But now that the family themselves have seen these images, I am finally able share photos from a couple of weekends ago; spent celebrating ex house-mate/ work-mate Tom's 21st Birthday, which also happened to be his Dad's 50th Birthday and his parents 25th Wedding Anniversary!!

We sent the family a disc of the images as a thank you present, and so didn't want anyone to see them before they did! No spoiling the suprise now :).

So as a little teaser, here is the gist of our amazing weekend!

Check back later on this week, to see the weekend in full detail- expect lots of action, including some fun with axes, guns and a bouncy castle!!

Abiento x

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