Monday, 28 March 2011

Two weeks on the Island: Tofino and the Pacific Rim Whale Festival

I have decided to split the trip to Tofino into two (or maybe three parts) as there are just so many images! So watch out for the next batch coming soon! :) For a little bit of further info, Tofino is a small surf town, that is completely isolated. The nearest town to it, is a 30 minute drive, and between them is nothing but beaches and the sea. It is a cute and quaint town that reminds me of Cornwall. It is also a long drive from everywhere else! The drive from Sidney took us close to 5 hours including a few little stop offs. So pretty much as far from Cornwall as London is. 

Yes that is a tv in the bathroom. Quite appropriately showing surf videos!

Seek Shelter

The best chocolate truffle EVER MADE IN THE WORLD EVER!! despite the crappy picture. Plus it came with raspberry coulis :p

The beach below the lodge

Our lodge :)

giant mussel shells!

embossed window in a restaurant

handmade/carved photo album cover. Note the teeny fetus in the mamma :)

A local art show as part of the Whale Festival in Tofino

Note the little man running away from the tsunami! Brilliant :)

On the drive back we decided to stop off at Cathedral Grove, a forest of GIANT trees! They range from 800-300 years old, and are gigantic!

Yes, you can just about see my mum there at the foot of that tree. Just.

Normal tree, meet giant tree.

Can you see where this fallen tree ends? No? Look a bit closer......

Still can't see it? Ah well, it's just that big!!

Abiento x

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