Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Two weeks on the Island: Around and about

It has been a nice chilled out two weeks on the Island with my mumma, but also busy one!

A night of whist.

I took a few photos of this setup with different people moving and blurring. But the whole time, that cat (Smeagle) (( What a horrible name for a cat!!?!)) just stayed completely stationary. Didn't move an inch.

The next two images are of the bathroom in the Blue Fox cafe. Soo retro.

Mmmm I love breakfast at The Blue Fox so much! I couldn't decide what to have for breakfast......

So I had both!!

All the tables are decorated with artistic napkins that have been left by appreciative customers!

Situated in downtown Victoria, it is small, colorful, quirky, delicious and full of amazing art from local artists. It is by far one of the most popular places to eat breakfast in town and on the weekends has a long line up of hungry customers waiting for their breakfast!

Laura's rainbow sushi!

I took my family british sweets- Percy Pigs, Wine Gums and an array of Dairy Milk! 



watching 'Cirque De Soleil'- her favorite movie at the moment. She loves all the dancing and pretends to be some of the characters in the show. She gets up and moves around the room she is in, pretending to be them. For example if the angles are backstage she will say ' The angels aren't doing anything now, they are just sitting at the back. I have to sit at the back too.' and then she will move to behind the sofa, away from the 'stage' to be like them. 'Oh the angels are at the front watching now so I have to be there too' !! Soo cute.

Playing with the strange strange putty.

There was one more picture I wanted to post here, but blogger/google has suddenly decided that I have posted too many photos on here and wont let. Needless to say that is a problem for me, being that this is primarily a photography blog.......!! So to describe it, it is another image of Gilly, the adorable girl in all the other pictures in this post, she is grinning away and it is in black and white. CUTE.

Will try to get things up and running soon, but I am jet lagged and only just woke up... I know I know its 2pm!! Hold on tight for me people :)

Abiento x

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