Monday, 28 March 2011

In Transit

So as I am in Transit today I will give a quick update- and then lots of images!!

Today I head back to England. (Wooooo!! Yay!!) As much as I have enjoyed my little holiday back to Canadia, I have also really missed England. There is a reason why I chose to move back to England pernamently, and that's cause quite simply I love it. It is home. I don't feel that I have really moved back to England fully, being that a large amount of my personal belongings have still been in Canada, but also because I haven't spent the time in England recently to feel as though I actually live there. I cannot wait for that time to pass, and I have to say that when people ask me if I'm happy now I'm back at home I can honestly tell them that I am not only happy, I am ecstatic! I still feel overwhelming joy at the simple thought that I live in England. Just that I live there. Simple. But so exciting to me, despite having been back for 3 months! (small things please small minds no?)

Anyway! So the weekend was spent in Tswassen, a town just outside of Vancouver, where we have family (My Gran's cousins) who we love to spend time with. Without much internet access, and a lot of time spent eating and talking after doing little errands, there has been no time to write and plan posts for today. So I'm afraid that will have to wait! So for a few days there will be very few posts- just lots of images! Hopefully this isn't too much of a change, and I will write again when I am able to!

Abiento x

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