Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday Fun

This weeks was shown to me about a year ago by the mr. He is a fun of drumming. Big time. In fact, last year for Valentines and our Anniversary I combined his gifts and splurged on him; renting him a drum kit for a month and 4 drum lessons to go with it! He has had drum lessons before, but never really took it very far. To be honest, since then, he still hasn't done anything with it, but he loves it none the less!

Actually I lied... he does do something with it.... every now and then he will randomly start air drumming..... on his desk..... on my legs..... on someone's head..... you get the idea :)

This drummer; Cobus, listens to a song, and then just plays a drum beat to it. His drum beats are crazily fast and complicated and are not the original drum beat of the song. He chooses some random songs too, including *Nysnc and Kelly Clarkson.

Here is just a very small selection:

Abiento x

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