Thursday, 17 February 2011

Self Portrait Photo's

Hopefully this is a better self portrait....

I went to get my hair trimmed last week, and was talking to the stylist about my bangs, which I felt didn't go with the bob I had had done when I was in Canada. Therefore I had just been pinning them up or wearing them to the side. But they needed some work. So, she fixed them, and snazzed up my bob a bit too! I LOVE it, and have had so many compliments this week! Even a few customers at work have commented, saying how much my hairstyle suits me. So, I wanted to flaunt it a bit in this image whilst also including my room as it is my personal haven and where I like to unwind a little bit. Plus I wanted to be able to take a photo of myself where I'm not staring into the camera. I'm not brave enough for that yet..... I hope you like.

Abiento x

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