Monday, 30 April 2012

Journal Day 146

Today I woke up tired and feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the project and life. However a quick break followed by tutorial allowed me to clear my head and see that I have done all that needs to be done, and that it is time to get these mugs and tea towels printed! Having pushed it last week past the stagnant stage I made a quick breakthrough with some great designs and have plenty of great options for the final show which is great. Yes my head is full of ideas and possibilities but for this project I need to take control and close them down for another time. I don't need to edit and compose the pieces to match, as essentially, this project has become about the process. It became about the method and the ideas, so in order to have a great final show I want a true representation of that, not a composed and edited version. Jane has encouraged me to find and think of lots of other possibilites for procucts for the final show too, as essentially as a surface pattern designer that is the whole point, my designs can cover any surface! Which is really exciting! So, off to the printers we go, and time to stop worrying!

Through this I have to say I have learnt a huge amount about my process as a designer, and the methods I like and work best with, and know that any future project will be hugely enhanced because of this. I can look back at the beginning of the course, and the beginning of my exploration into surface pattern design and can clearly see how I have developed, grown and learnt. I am hugely excited to keep this going and make it into a career! I will post the final design choices later on today when I have selected them! :)

Abiento x

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