Monday, 30 April 2012

Journal Day 145

Oh Computers. How I love, and hate you. I spent 5 hours non stop in front of a computer today, and didn't even break for lunch. And now my eyes and my head hurt. Mainly because I walked home, had a salad, and within 10 minutes I had picked my computer back up! Meh.

Anyway, here is a little snippet of what I achieved today, focusing today on Toucan's. I began to struggle today with creating the patterns for this bird, as I felt that in creating patterns with two more birds, I am replicating a lot of the same stuff and it felt slightly stodgy. But I went ahead and did it anyway. Having got a few of the birds in place, I began to introduce the triangles and instantly felt that I wanted a hand drawn element to the design. However in the interest of continuity I left this to create the digital images that I need to work with the other bird design.s By the end of the day I really really wanted to introduce hand drawn elements, and so drew a few leafy, flowery motifs and then scanned them, plus some of the fruit drawings that I had done earlier in the project, and started to see how they would work. Sadly by then it was just gone 4.15 and so we were closing up for the day, and so I will have to spend a bit of the evening messing about if I want anymore computer time today! I'm working both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so would really like to take my evenings off to relax this weekend! No more square eyes for me please!

The two that I did manage to do are at the end of the post, have a look a see what you think. I quite like the pear one :).

P.S please ignore the rubbish to the far right hand side of each image. Sometimes in editing I forgot to change the furthest (and hidden) birds/triangles. These also feel quite small which I'm not so happy about! They don't have quite the same impact...

In keeping the same kind of layout as before I'm definitely starting to notice a stagnant and stuck kind of feeling. Nothing is new or original or interesting and more is definitely needed. I want to go back and tweak quite a few of these, and re-asses the layout. Although, having said that, this is only one variation and I did quite a few for the flamingos before finding one I loved so may have to do the same here rather than just changing the colours. This work has to happen soon though in order to get them sent off the the manufacturers for printing. Hopefully if I spend all of Monday in the computer suite then this can happen on Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

So here are the ones with hand drawings. I got a bit carried away...

Abiento x

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