Friday, 27 April 2012

-What Inspires You?-

Sometimes browsing through the internet can lull you into vegitative, square eye state. And sometimes it can completely inspire and motivate you. I love those times. 

These images in particular inspire me with my business. They give me ideas and make me want to push forward and do it!

Sadly as I have had them save in an inspiration folder for a while, I don't have credits for all of them. However those that I do have, I have included. (If you recognise any of the images or know who's they are- please let me know so I credit them!)

A lot of people are suprised by my plans, which is expected. I also hear of lot of people who have ideas but don't ever do anything about them. My attitude is that I want to do it, so therefore I'm going to do it. Seeing this quote makes me feel okay about that :)

This images, predictably inspires my design side- for thinking up ideas of how I want mine to look. I love the bold graphics for this and feel its probably a very personal style for the designer/owner. 

I love Amanda's 'My Better Half' posts, most of all I love the design implemented into each photo- so clever, cute and quirky! 

Hell. Yes. It. Is. 

This is from Emma Case's lovely new blog (go check it out!!), and I think it's one of the best mini profiles I've seen. Including the text into the image is a great way of doing it rather than having them seperate, and the design style of including an arrow is cute, and links you as a reader directly to Emma and essentially you are making eye contact with her. Fantastic photo choice. 

This image simply inspires studio ideas in my. Bright, floral, homely. Love it. (I feel like I know exactly where this image is from, and it's on the tip of my tongue It's quite bugging me now!)

I think this image has drifted all over Pinterest over the last few months, but it's how I want to do life and business in general. 

Part of the Alt Summit Online courses, this bad boy reached Pinterest also, and is a great checklist for running a successful blog. 

Although silly and simple, this image, from and of Angela Hardison, inspires in me ideas of what I want to be wearing as a Business owner. Something that I value, as I will be the face of my brand, and I can't wait to live the lifestyle where I get to wear stuff like this every day!! 

A great example of an image for a post, again from Angela Hardison, is well thought out and considered with style and panache. 

In the words of Nike, Just Do It. 

I love how this girl looks like she's about to jump. I really want to tell her to just do it! (I feel a bit like her sometimes and can't wait to jump!)

The above 3 images, for me, represent great ideas for blog post designs and photos. Something I can't wait to be doing more of. 

These images, created by Ale, of Imaginale, come from her post about her experience listening to Sue Bryce at WPPI earlier this year (2012). She shared some of the business and marketing tips, which for me, is invaluable. Thanks Ale!

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