Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Journal Day 137

Today the pattern creation continued. I'm still learning how to actually create patterns so have started looking for tutorials and stuff online. I'd like to start doing some more hand-drawings for these patterns, possibly some doodle type things. Anyway, here's the results from today.

Pale yellow

Bolder yellow with stripes

pale blue

brighter blue

a much subtler combination of purple and grey
fuschia pink

dark coral

coral with dots

fuschia with dots

fuschia with dots and yellow stripes

purple stripes

bolder/darker grey
pale yellow stripes

dark yellow stripes

very girly pink triangles

bolder pink flamingos

green triangles

dirty yellow triangles

2 green stripes

crayz eye hurting mirage/shadow

still slightly painful shadows

singular green stripe

no green stripe!

 Abiento x

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