Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Journal Day 139: The Key Is In The Planning

One part of my life ( and my personality) is how crazily organised I am. I'm known for being a control freak and one of the most organised people that most of my friends know. In order for me to balance everything I have going on in my life I write lists. I find it crucial. It honestly is the only way I feel I could succeed in life. I have lists for the year, the next 3 months and then on a weekly and daily basis! Sounds like too much? I don't think so.

The longer lists stay in my head- my plans for the year; what I need to do and accomplish. Once we get into quarterly periods its less list form and more calendar/ timetable form. What's happening when, and what I need to do. The weekly lists are what enable me to make those things happen. What needs to be done this week, or even today? Well mine look a little something like this;

I have so many lists going at any one time, and so many notebooks that just get used for lists and notes and planning. But I love it :).

It helps me to get a good grade in my course, enables me to to get things done for the online course I do. It helps me to make sure that everything is on track for the next course I start in October (finance, credit transfers etc.) They ensure that my flat stays clean and pretty and that I keep on top of my d.i.y projects. They help me remember and figure out what's left to plan and book for my Italy trip in September.

All in all I lead a BUSY life. There is always lots going on at any one time, and quite simply a diary alone just is not enough! (oh yes I fill those up easily too!)

Does it seem weird or too much? I certainly don't think so :)

Abiento x

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