Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Journal Day 136

And were back! The chaos is waiting to ensue this term but here I am, back.

I decided to take the whole easter break as a break from the blog too. To be perfectly honest I forgot about it, ran out of time for it, and then chose to leave it for a bit. I enjoyed the break. However now that part 3 of my course has well and truly started I need to start using the journal posts here again.

Today I jumped straight in with worksheet and idea development. I have a very strategic method set in place for this project by which I plan to play around with all the possible ideas, designs and colour methods I can think of with the shapes I have taken from my bird and fruit drawings. I will be incorporating shapes into this to create patterns and will mix and match my ideas to see what works best. In order to do this I have traced the shapes from my sketchbook and photos onto plain printing paper, and have then be able to lay them over the top to figure out combinations and patterns.

By scanning these and adding colour I can easily design the patterns I want to based on the principles I decided upon and chose from my mood boards;

- animal silhouettes
- bright colour (blues/oranges/yellow/greens/pinks)
- geometrical and basic shapes
- overlays and use or transparency

Today I began the experimentation stage with these patterns, trying to develop the patterns. I have started at the basic stage and plan to add to them where needed based on evaluation.

A simple repetition- can be in any colour and works well with any product.

Overlay of 3 different flamingos 

Doesn't feel quite right or finished, but has a nice beachy feel

Chevrons add detail and pattern, but does it work?

Stripes showing through the flamingo shapes. Feels very dark and needs adjusting.

Too plain and simple? and too different in size?

Needs a background- add something behind. Triangles?

Very busy and flamingos would work better in a different colour. Maybe orange?

Still very busy but works well I think. Background and colour choices may need slight adjustments.

Simple enough to work? Colour adjustments?

Would it work better if the birds were an outline?

Needs more shapes in the background to work, and the birds are jagged. 

Add more to the background. And re-consider colour choices.

Too much? Definitely needs adjustment.

I will be spending tomorrow doing the same thing on the computer, and then will print them all on on wednesday in order to evaluate them and make adjustments. I am quite pleased with the very methodical way of working that I have developed for this project. I feel it is strategic rather than developmental or emotional and should be very successful. 

Abiento x

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