Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Week in Photos (365) Project (The last one!)

The 28th marked the last day of my 365 project! I have to say that I was very excited for it to end! It had become quite a chore by the end, and I struggled to take photos that represented my daily life when do often my daily life was boring! As a student I frequently spend days in my room alone, doing work. Or at uni, alone, doing work. I'm often in student spaces that are bland and boring and most of this does not translate well into pretty photographs. And so often I would feel like a bit of a failure when it came to this project, and I hope to start a project that will excite me a bit more next time (more info coming soon) But for now here is the last ever week of photos, plus coming soon a roundup of the full year!


Gran's Birthday, with tea-time celebrations!


Paella with family friends


Shopping! :)


Fancy pants birthday dinner to celebrate my aunt's birthday- with cocktails!


Hot Ribena in bed to help my cold go away!


Celebrating our 3 year anniversary with ice cream, lunch and a movie night! Followed next week by a meal out and a cooking class! I can't wait!

Abiento x

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