Thursday, 1 March 2012

{Content is King} Alt Summit Channel

Since I began my foray into blogs and the whole world that comes along with it, I have slowly discovered the amazing world of conferences that the US has to offer. From those specified to wedding photographers, to those, like Alt Summit, that are for designers and the like. Well, like I said, the conferences take place in the US. And sadly, I live in little old Cornwall! Hopping on a plane to Salt Lake City really isn't option for my measly student budget. However, from following the blogs of the people who not only attend, but also speak at these conferences I found that Alt Summit has a new venture; Alt Summit Channel. The lovely people behind Alt Summit decided to share the knowledge of their friends through short online courses that only cost $15 (roughly £10!). I signed up for 4 of them pronto!

Last night was numero uno; Content is King led by Melanie Blodgett of 'You Are My Fave' fame. What I discovered was inspiration and a chance to talk and listen to bloggers who unsurprisingly, I already follow!

On the top of my blogging to do list now includes not only ideas on how to develop my blog further once I am no longer a student, but also has tips for me to check back on for writing the posts that will keep this blog thriving. Turns out I do a lot of things in my normal life that could make for great posts! Why haven't I been posting them!?

So please, give me your opinion. Would you like to see any of these ideas up on the blog soon?

  • Clothes customizing; I often buy cheap and simple high street clothes and then customize them to my style and taste using little tricks and ideas. By adding sequins to shoulders and a different lining to a coat I can transform supermarket clothes into something that my family and friends lust after. Interested in learning how I do it?
  • D.i.y gifts; For christmas and birthdays I often make gifts. I save myself a ton of money and give my loved ones something personal that they will treasure for ever. Want to see what I did last year?
  • Business talk; I don't talk about it often but one day soon I hope to own my own business. Want to learn the tips and advice that I learn too? I'd be willing to share...!
  • Meet and Greet; From the courses I take to get me closer to the step above, I meet lots of people. Successful people. I now have the option for regular contact with them and have the chance to interview them and share it here for your reading pleasure? Interested- let me know!
  • Freebies! I don't know why I never thought of this before- but I design patterns on a daily basis. If I were to develop them one step further I could be giving you readers free downloads of my patterns to use as desktop backgrounds and the like. Want to know more? Just comment below!
It turns out I have lot more to say than I thought, and all of this is original content, my original content, because no one will have done it the way I have done it. 

Please feel free to let me know what you think, and let me know what types of posts you would like to see as a reader of my blog. It will help greatly and encourage me to move forward with the ideas I have had thanks to Melanie!

So, once again, thanks to Melanie and Alt Summit for the inspiration! I can't wait for the next course!

Abiento x

P.S check out Andrea's post on the course. She beat me to it and said everything I wanted to say! Well done girl :)

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