Thursday, 1 March 2012

365 Project- It's finished!

Over the last year I have completed a 365 proejct, a photography project that inspires many every day and encourages creativity. I decided last year to start one on mine and the mr's 2 year anniversary to document a year in my life. Each day I took photos to represent my day, and while sometimes I struggled and forgot, other days I was glad to have documented the day. Anyway, now that it's over (phew!) lets look back at my year and celebrate mine and the mr's 3 years together!

Plus check out these other 365 Projects;

Anna Hardy did one for a year photographing anything and everything
Kelly spent her year similarly and started her blog especially for the project and is now doing this new project!
This guy spent a year photographing skulls before moving onto more skull related 365 projects

Abiento x

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  1. Congratulations and yay you! It's a good feeling to have that one under your belt isn't it?? :))
    Many thanks for the link love, Lucy! :)) X Looking forward to seeing what you're gonna get up to next! X


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