Monday, 9 January 2012

Journal Writings Term 2 Day 1

I had most of my week prepared and planned last week. I knew what I wanted to be doing. I have lots of work to get through! So, while there may be little to write about on here this week (in my journal) that is because I will be busy writing my essay....!!

Today however was about showing heightened awareness of colours. This was a task set to me weeks ago. And after a suggestion of using watercolour paints to try and reach through to me in a physical way, that involves paint, I messed around. I did a big page of colour splodges and then gave up and went to play with the fabric paints. The fabric always calls to me... :) That worked a bit better, but with the exhibition at the end of last term, I had little time and didn't really play around as much as I would have liked. Over the break however I found, and reminded myself of all the great moodboards I have made, and all the fantastic ones that are about on the internet. With colour themes. So, today I created my own. Digitally. Not quite the point of being physical with paint (something I hate) but it has worked. Later this week I will endeavor to try with paint, my paint. On fabric! But for now this is what I did:

The idea behind creating these is that I can easily show to someone that I am aware of the colours in an image, and the colours from that image (or piece of work) that compliment each other and work well together. It also therefore creates a great colour flickbook for me to browse through when deciding on a colour scheme for something. I can simply take the colours away from the image and reapply them. While this is a very simple idea that just proves a point, it is a days work unwasted. I'm sure I will use them time and time again, and continue creating them.

Abiento x

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