Saturday, 7 January 2012

Journal Day 92

Today I finished off my essay draft ready for inspection in tutorial. I really hate writing essay's like this, as through the research I've become very interested in the subject and my chosen artists but I also feel like unless I have an idea or thought to say, that it's pretty pointless in me writing. I don't want to force anything out, and so I've left it and not written it. If you don't know exactly what you want to say then there is no point in saying anything. Which makes it really hard to write an essay. However I have to say I have really enjoyed the research part of this essay, though short it has required quite a bit of research, and I have looked in depth to find quotes about all of the artists work. The main thing I have found for that has been quotes from the artists themselves; explanations of their work, thoughts on their work and much more. It's been fascinating to read, especially about Mark Rothko. There are so many excellent explanations about his work that make it really hard for me to find a way to put his work into my own words. Although I did manage to write a hell of a lot down for my paragraph on him. Hopefully when I get the draft back I will be able to write more like that for my section on the Pergamon Alter... there I'm slightly stumped.

Abiento x

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