Friday, 6 January 2012

My Week in Photos

A pretty boring week to be honest, so bear with me!


Um. Well. I slept all day. Literally. 


New Years eve! I worked, and then looked after a sick sick friend. 


Back at work again :) And back to my Sunday lunch routine again :)


Working, and watching tv. Pretty standard day for this week. In fact that's all I've done this week, other than sporadically see friends or pop into work to cover lunches. Yup research work and tv. Fun eh?!


So other than work work and more work, I've been learning and experimenting with new recipes. Good lunch after a good walk :).


New recipe again. Did a stir fry, then chucked in some rice for good measure. 


Pile of work and research, including a book that slipped into the pile to motivate me into running.

Abiento x

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