Monday, 10 October 2011

Journal Day 19

Day 19. A pretty boring day as far as I'm concerned.

We started off the day with a brief art history lecture, which of course I found very interesting, which covered a few different techniques used by other artists to express time zones and differences.

We then moved onto drawing boxes that we had put together over the weekend; full of information, objects, pattern and text.

Our brief was to draw the box using line drawing and then once an hour move the box's position and our view of it, and continue drawing what we see over the top of our drawing.

4 hours later I was bored. I struggle with drawing. I don't enjoy it, and I can't get involved enough in it to have the will to develop or progress this type of drawing. I am not confident in my skills with drawing, but I don't feel that this hinders my motivation for drawing at all. I just don't enjoy it. Especially when forced to do it for 4 hours.

And this is how I know that I can cross illustration off from my list of specialisation interests

Abiento x

P.S I do however enjoy this aspect of our long drawing days.... ;)


  1. Aaaw, it's a shame you don't enjoy drawing :(
    Then again, if I were forced to draw for 4 hours I would crack and throw the pencils on the table, set my head down and sleep.
    I enjoy drawing, just not when it's not in my time hahaha aaaah to be temperamental with creativity.

  2. Yeh it's just a bit too much time spent focusing and concentrating on something that I struggle with. If it were shorter periods of time I would maybe not dislike it so much! Haha yeh oh to complain about art school!


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