Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Journal Day 20

More drawing today.... this time focusing on composition. After our briefing lecture we spent the day creating 15 small drawings showing varying composition techniques. (see list below)

Today I did not mind the drawing so much, but find that the blocks of 3-4 hours of drawing is what I find struggling. I just cannot focus on something that doesn't interest me hugely for that amount of time. But I am also learning that what I can draw is natural details- such as flowers and plants. Plus that my style of drawing, at least the style that I prefer and feel most confident in, is continuous line; line that is created without lifting the pencil from the page. Largely because the repeated lines not only appeal to me but also allow me more time and space to repeat and correct any shapes- defining what has already been drawn.

And while I enjoy drawing text I find it slightly difficult and strangely hard. But what I find the hardest is proving to be drawing of objects at angles. The high/low viewpoint angle drawings were the most difficult for me today, and I expect this is because I have never been taught how. And so it takes me much time to draw and re-draw until the line seems right. But what I always find is that while I'm trying to place the angled line onto the flat piece of paper, that I want to be able to just pull it out or push it in; make it 3D in real life. Clearly my automatic response (whether natural or instinctive or not) is to create 3D. Although, again, this may just be because of a lack of instruction and teaching in the fine art/ 2D area.

I do remember one of the only times in school when we had a practical teaching lesson in drawing; we essentially copied what the teacher was doing- from the colours and the lines- and I could practically replicate his work. But this failure at drawing seems particularly odd to me as I am so used to my hands succesfully obeying and doing what I want them to. Through playing sport I have been able to develop a strong hand-eye-co-ordination that simply does not follow through when it comes to putting pen to paper. Quite frustrating really!

 Abiento x

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