Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Home bound

Ola! I'm home! And I'm back :) Yes I know, I missed a lot, and we have lots to catch up on (don't get me started) but this week I have lots to share! Starting with a little insight into both my brain, and my holiday.

For the trip to Lisbon I had wanted to pack as lightly as possible- small suitcase, easier day. Simples. And so in order to allow more space and weight in my suitcase for important items like dresses and bikinis, I asked the mr's mum to let me borrow her kindle. And I have to say that I will be begging to use it as much as possible!

Always a doubter of the amazon kindle, I am now a converted fan! Beforehand I had always thought that as an avid book reader, that the feel of the kindle would be strange to me, and that I would hate not being able to feel the book and turn the pages. But on the contrary, I found its size and weight refreshing, and the page turning buttons practical; creating ease for whatever else I was trying to do at the time- like change the song on my ipod or readjust my bikini straps!

Plus the books are sooo much cheaper than real books! under a fiver always, but more often than not they are only a couple of quid! I save so much space, money and weight when travelling!

Although I do have to say that for me that is as far as the love goes. To using them when travelling. (Something that I do a lot of) but at home, I want books; on lovely old wooden bookshelves. Taunting me to read them and love them. :)

What do you think? have you been converted like me!?

Abiento x

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