Friday, 1 July 2011

Taking a Day Off

It's becoming quite rare for me to have a proper day off. By which I mean a day in which I do not work. With all the up coming shoots I seem to be spending a large amount of my days (and some evenings too) off work from the cafe, in meetings and the like. So much so that it's been 3 weeks since I had a proper day off. So this week I forced myself to take one! I am second shooting a wedding this weekend, and have a shoot next week and so could tell that if I didn't do it now, it was gonna be a while!

And so I jam packed my day with fun, chilled out things for me and the mr to do!

We had coffee and cake in the morning with his mum,

followed by Fish and Chips on the beach and a paddle in the sea (I get so desperate to go in the sea when I work in a beach cafe all day long and don't even go outside).

Then after a quick nap at home, we headed out with some house mates to our favourite rock jumping location- where we all conquered one of the biggest jumps- a whopping 20 feet high jump (guestimating here people but it's definitely the height of a house!)

Just including this pic of Mike (which he is gonna kill me for) so that you can see where we jumped from. See that ledge just to the right of Mike? Yeh we totally jumped off the top of that. And I'm not even kidding :)

After which we had a late bbq dinner on the beach with some very funny friends :). Well, once we got the barbecue to work.......

That's Steve above, desperately prodding the bbq to try to get it to do something after two hours of it doing NOTHING!

I love having days like this. Fun filled, yet not stressful or rushed. Just some pure Cornish joy!

How do you like to spend your days off? If you aren't as lucky as me to live by the sea, then I bet it's quite different to mine!

Abiento x

P.S All of these images have been taken straight off the camera and onto here, at midnight last night...... so they are yet to be edited. Apologies for any crapness, though they were taken with my news lens, which I'm kind of in love with!

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