Monday, 4 July 2011

Photo Night Live + Me - Again!!

It's live people! That's right- I did it again :) Oh yes, Ross Dean asked me back! Didn't you hear!? Hah well I have gone on about both shows enough :).

All I can say is, I loved this one. I didn't say much (partly due to the fact that my tickly throat was trying to burst out of me in the form of coughing fits) but also because Garrett from Shoot Dot Edit has so much to tell us, that was so interesting to me and was such brand new info that I was kind of absorbed...

Watch it, and enjoy, but please forgive and ignore my coughing!!

Plus, again, huge thanks to Ross Dean for letting me be part of not only one but TWO of his fantastic shows!! I could not have asked for more :)

Abiento x

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