Monday, 2 May 2011

Feeling Grown Up

You know in life, how there are some moments that catch you, and suddenly you realise how grown up you are? That you're not just some 16 year old kid any longer? Even though you feel like one, despite the fact that you grocery shop and pay rent, and clean and you know, do all those grown up things anyway?

Well I think I just had a moment.

But it was still a moment of uncertainty. A moment of  "Shit ('scuse my French) am I actually grown up enough to do this!?".

That moment happened for me when my business cards arrived. Yup. That's right. Business cards. Even when I was ordering them, I had to ask a few people- 'Am I being silly!? Is this okay!?'.

A few people have asked for the address of my blog/website, and I have always loved the business cards on, so I decided to go ahead and order some! This way I would have some informal, not too stuffy cards that showed people a mixed example of my work, plus had links to all my contact info and sites. But it still feels way too grown up! I don't have a business. I'm still a student. So I still feel like that 16 year old girl. A 16 year old girl pretending that she can be a professional photographer. In reality I know that one day I can be/will be, but come'on! I live in a student house with smelly boys- what am I doing with business cards!?

Well too late now, cause they're here......

I haven't shown many photos of the images on the cards because it is a mix of all the images you have already seen. But they are rounded, thick, smooth beautiful cards now! The third image up from here is an example of that.

I'm actually head over heels in love with them, and am super chuffed with Moo's work. What do you think? Am I being sensible or silly? Do you like the cards? I don't know if I really care any longer whether or not they are suitable/necessary, cause quite frankly they make my work look good- so what's not to love!?

Abiento x

P.S I have decided not to call them business cards anyway.... I think it sounds a bit stuffy, and for me they are just a mini version of my information. They give a sneak peak into me and my style, and let you know where to go from there! So I'm getting rid of the term business cards- cause that they are not!


  1. I'm sure your family can make you feel 16 again...

  2. I'm sure you would do it well too....! Although please don't.....!!

  3. Heya Lucy, I know how you feel about being 'professional' .. when we say we are, then we are! Fake it till we make it in style :D

    Business cards are always a good thing, I now carry flyers more than business cards because they are so much cheaper to give out but business cards are always a good staple to have on hand 24/7! I keep some in my wallet just in case lol

    See you in July!


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